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Is this for real?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Freaky Fender, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. I just got this email from the contact page on Soundclick.com

    Regarding the materials on your web site.
    I am interested in the materials on your site. Statue is a major
    independent record company and would like to discuss the possibility of
    releasing this material and doing some radio promotion on it.
    If your record is available for licensing and distribution please
    me at your earliest opportunity by sending me an email to

    Best Regards,

    Warren Ryan
    Manager A&R
    Statue Records Group Los Angeles
    310-891-0020 M-F 10-3pm PST (Music Calls)

    I am thinking of turning it down. There are much more talented artist that deserve a recording contract. I don't wanna be a solo artist. I always pictured it with a band. And besides, it's not very good. I want everyone's thoughts on this.
  2. If you don't want it, don't take it. But if you do, its yours!
  3. Nope, its a scam. Everyone I know with soundclick has gotten one of these emails. You don't make any money, they just take yours and don't do any promotion for you other than a a spot on their webpage.
  4. I don't know. I want to talk to my parents about it. But I don't know how to bring it up.
  5. Josh Ryan

    Josh Ryan - that dog won't hunt, Monsignor. Supporting Member

    Mar 24, 2001
    If this is true, then delete it. Used to get crap like tht all the time from mp3.com.
  6. My gut feeling says to decline. I sent them an email saying the following

    Hmm.. I am considering it. If I sign with you guys, the main thing I want is, I want to have total control over my songs and album, including artwork. I get total rights over my songs, or I'll decline your offer.
  7. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    That'll get you turned down at 99.99% of any record company.
  8. Kelly Lee

    Kelly Lee Yeah, I'm a guy! Supporting Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Marana, AZ, USA
    I think thats the idea! If they accept, you know they are scammin!
  9. Truth ^
  10. Aaron Saunders

    Aaron Saunders

    Apr 27, 2002
    Truth to the max!
  11. Well then. Let them turn me down.
  12. Brat


    Jun 4, 2004
    NW Indiana.
    I was on IUMA for a while and I got alot of emails like that. I didnt believe one bit of it because my music SUCKED and with my music SUCKING so BADLY like that.... I doubt anyone would want to sign me.
  13. True. Some of my music is with a drum machine and bad programming. I knew something was up.
  14. That's what pisses me off soo much :mad: *goes and kills cat*

  15. Yeah, I know. I just want majoy control over my songs. Plus, I really just kinda want my record contract, if I get any, to be with my band. I'd rather play clubs and be in a van for a while with a band than be a solo artist.
  16. nonsqtr

    nonsqtr The emperor has no clothes!

    Aug 29, 2003
    Burbank CA USA
    Ask them for a copy of their standard contract "up front". If they give you one, look for the part where it says they get to give your song to others to perform. It's about control, but not just "now", at all points in the future too. If by some chance your song becomes a movie theme, or something like that, you'll want to get your fair share of the proceeds. And more importantly, make sure you copyright your material and register it, before you send them "anything". And most importantly of all, never for any reason give them any money. :)
  17. Matt Till

    Matt Till

    Jun 1, 2002
    Edinboro, PA
    I get a 25% cut of all merch/ticket sales.
  18. You know for a small fee, I could write ur band name on one of those signs that go on ur front and back (sandwich signs??) then run around town giving out demo tapes.
  19. Aaron Saunders

    Aaron Saunders

    Apr 27, 2002
    "Tapes"? Come again? What are these "tapes" you speak of?
  20. CD's don't hurt as much when you throw them at people.