J Pickup Wiring Kit for PJ Bass

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  1. I have a squier PJ bass and I'd like to buy a wiring kit for it, can I just buy a wiring kit for a jazz bass (vol.vol.tone.) and use that? If so are there any out there that people recommend? Currently have it fit with seymour duncan quarter pounders
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    You can, but I recommend two things:

    Make sure it has 500K Ohm pots.

    Don't get one that has those gigantic capacitors.

    This is an example of an over-spec'd capacitor:


    in a bass or guitar, we are dealing with less than 1 Volt of output, so we don't need capacitors that are rated for 600 Volts

    Here's a drawing to compare prospective "harness" candidates with:


    The representation of the capacitor is about right as well. It doesn't need to be bigger than a Chicklet:


    My advice is really to buy the pots & wire & do it yourself. You can probably re-use the capacitor you already have.
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