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Jazz Pickups

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Sutton, May 9, 2005.

  1. Sutton


    Mar 3, 2005
    Plainwell, MI
    Hey everyone, I recently ordered this bass:

    In the description, it says that the pickup measurements are 3 5/8" x 3/4"

    Now I am obviously going to exchange the pickups, but I'm not sure with what. I found some barts that I would like to put in to them, and I've narrowed it down to these choices.


    The only problem with these are that they are for a 5 string bass, is that a problem? Also, they are .01 inches too tall, and the bridge pup is 1/16th of an inch too long. Is that going to be a problem, or will I be able to squeeze them in, if they ever work, considering that they are for a 5er.

    The other option:


    The only thing with these are that they are 1/8th too short (length), and .02 inches too short (height). I would get these, but I dont want a gap in my pup spot. So you think these will make a noticible gap?

    Also, is it likely that I'll need to get a preamp with all of this? Or will I be able to use the one that came with it.

    Finally, if you have any other recommendation, feel free to post them.
  2. bigbeefdog

    bigbeefdog Who let the dogs in?

    Jul 7, 2003
    Mandeville, LA
    You listed the 5-string J set, and the "long/long" J set. I think the ones you *really* want are these, the "standard" 4-string J set:


    I do see that the Rondo site says 3-5/8 length, but I *think* SX still uses a long/short config (I know they used to).

    Best bet would be to wait until you receive the SX (if you haven't already), then compare the dimensions to the ones shown on that page. I think they'll line up with your SX (bridge pup slightly longer than neck pup).

    And who knows, you just might like the stockers.

    Other recommendation? I *love* Dimarzio Model J's, but that's me. Check the sticky J-pup thread for loads of info.

    One other thing - on the SX, you'll mount the pups inside the pickguard; be prepared to do a bit of filing around the pup "shoulders" (it's not difficult, but they didn't line up exactly when I did mine).
  3. Sutton


    Mar 3, 2005
    Plainwell, MI
    Ok, yeah, the SX was suppose to come today, but I checked with FedEx, and they now say tomorrow. I ordered a badass II for it, and already got some strap locks, so pretty much, all that needs changing now is the pups. I'll check out the Dimarzio's. I just decided one Barts, because I've never played a bad set of Barts.
  4. Corwin81


    Mar 18, 2003
    Ames, IA
    I've got a set of MEC passive pups in my SJB-62. They pretty much dropped right in with a slight reaming of two of the ears on the pickguard. It's a darker, but growlier sound.

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