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Just bought Hold Your Fire!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by mike lead, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Im really really happy!!!
    Here in Argentina is really hard to find a Rush Album. I start hearing rush thanx to Claypool.
    Bought chronicles. Time Stand Still was my fav song(Still one of my favs). I decided that HYF was going to be my first rush Cd... But i never found it... Now i have all rush cds(except the Debut and Fly by night). The bought of the rest of them was really hard... I searched everywhere... Most of them cost me more than $60(1 dollar=3 Argentinian pesos). But they worth it...

    If you excuse me im going to figure out the whole record, and play "Time Stand Still" 1847510984 times :bassist:

    Peace, Love and good records to all!

  2. Papersen

    Papersen Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2002
    Nice to hear hear another one is enjoying Rush.
    I truly love "Time Stand Still". I also enjoy a lot "Turn the page" (the bass line is incredible and the vocals on top are a nice challenge) and " Force Ten".
    Geddy Lee played chords on that tunes after meeting Jeff Berlin who introduced him to some chord voicing (and also gave GL his sig model).

    About the cost of the albums, the normal price should be about $20 pesos (6 dollars) and the hard to find ones about $50-$60.

    Enjoy it.
  3. Electricmayhem


    Dec 18, 2003
    While Time Stand Still and Turn the Page are good songs, Hold Your Fire DEFINITELY isn't my favorite Rush album. It came out in the period of Rush history that in my opinion wasn't the best (Signals to Presto).
  4. xush


    Jul 4, 2001
    mobile AL
    I remember when that album came out. My friend worked at a music store, he brought it over before I even heard it was due to be released.

    I was drumming when he brought it to me.
    I was drumming even harder when he left!
    that takes me back. I guess I liked that era more than most Rush fans. Signals, Grace Under Pressure... really dug those.

    Sorry they're so hard to come by over there.
  5. By-Tor


    Apr 13, 2000
    Sacramento, CA
    Hold Your Fire is a great album.
    I too love the bass on this album.

    I like Open Secrets.

    My 11 year old daughter has been listening to this album lately when she goes to sleep.
  6. Personally, I've always felt that the '80's Rush stuff was severely underrated. Personally, my favorites are "Grace Under Pressure" (aka "Alex Strikes Back", after the severely keyboard-heavy "Signals" - which was an excellent recording as well) and "Power Windows". I really like "Presto" as well...eh....hell, I like "Hold Your Fire" just as much...

    ...THEY'RE ALL GOOD!!!!

  7. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    Except for Moving Pictures then. ;) But I agree. I like HYF a lot, it's not the best Rush from that decade, but a fine album. "Turn The Page" is my fav from it.
  8. you guys are missing the great stuff that rush did the stuff that just kicked ass!! like anthem, 2112 ,finding my way, red barchetta, driven, roll the bones, erathshine, YYZ (yyzet geddy likes to call it), the pass, and natural scinece. there are plenty of more i cant think of right now but the signals to presto stuff kind of sucked, sorry there are a couple of goods songs from that era of time though.
  9. ...uh...dude....

    ...I saw Rush on the Farewell To Kings tour through Test For Echo. Trust me, I know the early stuff WELL. I like it all for what it is. If they had not gone through the period we're discussing, they would have ended up repeating themselves, instead they took chances, tried new ideas and did something very few bands do well: they grew musically as a unit.

    If you think the Presto-era stuff sucked, that's your right, however I think that some of their best work was during that period.
  10. xush


    Jul 4, 2001
    mobile AL
    "Zed" is how Canadians pronounce the letter Z.
    YYZ is one of those song titles like D'yer Maker that very few people pronounce correctly.

    Grace Under Pressure and Signals are 2 of my favs. I'm disappointed to find out they suck! Man, I was way off.

    So have you guys heard their cover of 'summertime blues' on Rush.com yet?
  11. WillPlay4Food

    WillPlay4Food Now With More Metal! Supporting Member

    Apr 9, 2002
    Orbiting HQ
    I like Grace Under Pressure as well. I haven't listened to Hold Your Fire in ages *digs out iPod* guess I know what I'll be listening to today! :)

    I've been listening to Counterparts the most recently. I somehow missed this album until I saw them last Summer on tour. They played Between Sun & Moon and Leave That Thing Alone, and I hadn't heard any of these songs before. I think Counterparts is probably my fave album from 90's Rush.
  12. WillPlay4Food

    WillPlay4Food Now With More Metal! Supporting Member

    Apr 9, 2002
    Orbiting HQ
    I think it was Joshua that told me the opening line of YYZ actually spells out YYZ in morse code (plays YYZ soundtrack in head) *dah-dit-dah-dah dah-dit-dah-dah dah-dah-dit-dit*. Pretty cool eh? :)
  13. adam on bass

    adam on bass Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2002
    New Braunfels, Texas
    Endorsing Artist: Spector, GK, EMG and D'Addario
    I would have to say that one of my top 3 songs by Rush or any band is "The Pass". It's on Presto and it is choice. I have no problem with anything Rush did and I never will.
  14. Even neater: YYZ are the International Airline Association code letters for the airport in Toronto. They would see the tags on their luggage at the end of a tour with the "YYZ" tags on them, and know they were going home. Neil sat down and thought to use the Morse Code for YYZ as a theme for an instrumental. Pretty cool stuff. :)

    Joshua, GUP is probably one of my FAVORITE Rush discs, some GREAT stuff on there, particularly for the guitar work. Alex's "chord solo" in Red Sector A is amazing.

    WP4F, HYF is an excellent disc, probably one of the better songs, IMO, they ever wrote is on there, Time Stand Still. Further, a rare recorded performance of Ged on a 5 is on that disc, on Lock And Key.

    firkin (great name, BTW! :) ), yeah, The Pass is an incredible song, in every way. One of my all-time favorites!
  15. xush


    Jul 4, 2001
    mobile AL
    Red Sector A is pretty dang fun to play too.
    Well, not so much for the bassist... but our band enjoys covering it.
    Keeps me busy for sure.
  16. keb


    Mar 30, 2004
    "The Pass" is not only one of my favorite Rush songs, but one of my favorite songs period. I think it's one of the band's favorites too. "Available Light" and the title track get me going too. Poignant and very human lyrical themes and the music matches so well.

    In fact, Presto's one of my all-time favorite albums. The production's a little weird, kinda thin (one of Rupert Hine's "trademarks" unfortunately, other artists' albums produced by him also have that thin sound.) but it feels almost etheral and wintery.
  17. adam on bass

    adam on bass Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2002
    New Braunfels, Texas
    Endorsing Artist: Spector, GK, EMG and D'Addario
    I get choked up everytime I hear that song for some reason. I am glad they played it this last tour, they haven't in awhile.
  18. Actually, Presto, the song, is one that I identify with very strongly. I feel almost like it's about me, in some weird way....


    if I could wave my magic wand...

    I am made from the dust of the stars
    and the oceans flow in my veins
    here I hide in the heart of the city
    like a stranger coming out of the rain

    the evening plane rises up from the runway
    over constellations of light
    I look down into a million houses
    and wonder what you're doing tonight

    if I could wave my magic wand
    I'd make everything all right

    I'm not one to believe in magic
    But I sometimes have a second-sight
    I'm not one with a sense of proportion
    When my heart still changes overnight

    I had a dream of a winter garden
    a midnight rendezvous
    silver, blue, and frozen silence
    what a fool I was for you

    I had a dream of the open water
    I was swimming away out to sea
    so deep I could never touch bottom
    what a fool I used to be

    if I could wave my magic wand
    I'd set everybody free

    I'm not one to believe in magic
    Though my memory has a second-sight
    I'm not one to go pointing my finger
    When I radiate more heat than light

    don't ask me
    I'm just improvising
    my illusion of careless flight
    can't you see
    my temperature's rising
    I radiate more heat than light

    don't ask me
    I'm just sympathizing
    my illusions a harmless flight
    can't you see
    my temperature's rising
    I radiate more heat than light
  19. adam on bass

    adam on bass Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2002
    New Braunfels, Texas
    Endorsing Artist: Spector, GK, EMG and D'Addario
    interesting. red barchetta has that feeling for me.
  20. Yeah...good one as well.

    To me, especially the past few years, Presto has really hit home....

    I've always related to the "I am made from the dust of the stars..." phrase, because of my personal beliefs.

    Recently with my divorce and losing my wife (who was not only my "one true love", was also my best friend, ever), the rest of the lyrics have hit home very hard.


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