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  1. I'm in the market for a new bass. i want it to be a four string, neck-thru, string through body ability, active(preferably w/ a passive switch), and twenty four frets.
    I have no preference toward woods, scale length, brand... etc.
    i'm looking at the ESP D-4
    but i wont be able to play it any time soon. Any comments on it? any other suggestions?
    i can't spend more than $500.00. it's a lot to ask but i figured i'd check.
    thanks for the help.
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    I'm a huge fan/supporter of ESP I own three of them (Two "F" series and one "B" series) and i feel very comfortable recommending them to everyone. IMHO you just can't get better quality and sound for the prices they charge. That said their stock pickups and the EMG pick ups in the higher end models are not to everyones taste, but i dig them....IMHO you could do a lot worse for the money...For $399.00 brand new however it doesn't do I say try if you like it buy it!


    LTD D-4 Bass Guitar Features:

    Merbau body, Neck-through-body construction, 5-piece mahogany-maple neck, 34" scale, Standard 42mm nut, Rosewood fingerboard, 24 XJ frets, Black nickel hardware,
    Grover tuners, ESP BB-604 string-thru-body bridge, ESP SB-4 pickup set, Volume and balance controls, ESP ABQ3 3-band active EQ

    while i don't want to steer you away from and ESP when you posted both active and passive i thought of this...


    While it is bolt on and closer to $700.00 new you should be able to score one used for under $500.00

    Schecter 004 Bass Guitar Features:

    5-bolt-on construction, 34" scale, Ash body, Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, 24 Jumbo frets, Block Inlays, Schecter Active Passive pickups, Master volume & master blend controls, Active 2-band EQ (pull for passive), Schecter Custom String-Thru-Body (or Top Load) bridge, Creme binding
    Schecter tuners, Chrome hardware w/ brass nut

    Played one recently at GC and really really liked it...however i have heard both good and bad things abouts Schecters' quality control...maybe somebody that own one will step up a give us a comment.

    It is important that you like the bass you play...pick what is right for you and not what someone suggests that you play, regardless of what is on the headstock

    Buying used will get you much more bass for your money

    good luck and keep us posted!