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labsystems stack V.S. SWR Snr 610 goliath

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mangl, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. mangl


    Jan 23, 2006
    at the moment im running a gallien krueger 1001rb head, im looking to buy new cabs but im stuck in a rut! im looking for both practicality, and something thats going to last AGES!

    lo-down on labsystems;
    in australia, labsystems are sold for pretty much identical prices to david eden stuff, and ive never heard anything bad about them. many big aussie bands use them..

    i cant deside between either a labsystems 410 + 210/or/410 + 115. OR just a SWR goliath snr 610 cab.

    the reasons i was contemplating the labsystems is because i'm thinking it would be easier having two seperate cabs, rather than one big one.. but then swr is a better brand , so i dont know
  2. I wouldn't say that SWR is a better brand than labsystems. They're both good quality, just different.

    Personally, I'd do the 410 + 115. Or if you want to go even smaller, I've heard a Schroeder 410 makes a fair bit of sound. My 1210 certainly does!
  3. Mr_Dave


    Mar 11, 2005
    Melbourne, Australia
    Employee - Basscentre Melbourne

    I've been using labsystems 210/212 cabs separately and together in a stack for about 2 years.. I use a gk 400rbIII for the whole stack which is underpowered but still goes pretty hard.

    They are very strong. They have a fairly growly sound and a quite punchy. swr cabs are cleaner, more scooped and have a sharper horn. I use a gk 400rbIII for the whole stack which is underpowered but still goes pretty hard.

    i think the 2 cabs is a good solution for portabilty/small gigs/rehearsals. For my situation i'm going back to a 410 only when i can afford it.

    So i reckon labs are good strong cabs, but the sound is nothing special for me i guess.
  4. Just got myself recently 2 x EA NL-210 cabs. They are loud, for their size and weight (20kg), accurate in reproducing your instruments sound and my "B" string sounds killer. I've tried Eden, Labsystem & SWR and IMHO nothing beats these things, besides the SWR , Labsystem and Edens are much too heavy for my liking.

    I use one cab for small gigs and rehearsals which is pretty loud on it's own and the 2 for the bigger gigs which sounds huge.

    I have a Eden WT550 to drive them with. Compared them to a Epifani 410UL and that's why I ended up getting the EA NL-210 cabs. Espeacially now that they are easier to get here in Australia and at a good deal.
    The guy who sells them is here on Talkbass some where. Nice fella. He may see this post and jump in.

    I've read a lot great reviews on these things here on Talkbass. If you do a search you may find some helpful info.

    Just another great option available to us poor ol' Aussie bass players finally.

  5. MMM what price do the EA cabs go for here in Australia? About portability, it is a good thing to have smaller cabs so when you are practicing you dont have to haull a big rig around. To be using a 410 and 15 together and pushing the amp you must be playing a big place or goddam loud as hell. I dont think there are brands that are particulary better then others when it comes to the pro stuff. The boutique stuff im sure is fantastic but hella expensive. I guess it depends on what type of sound you want and what you are willing to pay. The best advice is to go to a good bass shop and take your bass in and try out different boxes to see what sounds best to you. My 2 cents is that ampeg, labs, eden, mesa, swr are all great brands it just depends on what sound you are after and what setup you would like.
  6. Got my 2 NL-210 $1450 AU ea. I think it is free delivery if you live in Sydney and I got a 2 week trial offer which I won't be needing. I'm happy with my setup for now. I am thinking about upgrading to maybe an iAMP800.

    I agree all the boutique stuff are great. It all comes down to what suits your needs the best. For me portability, versatility and a fairly neutral sounding speaker system that lets you build the tone or sound you want to hear has always been an issue for me. This is after owning Eden 410XLT and 210XLT for years, SWR Goliath II and Epifani cabs.

    Plus you do have to be willing to pay to get something you're going to be happy with. I think $1450 for the NL-210 is pretty reasonable. I looked into ordering from a US dealer but just wasn't worth it in the end.
  7. $1450 is reasonable as the cost of postage for oversize items from the US is horrendous. Is the EA the only cabs you own now or are you looking for different gear? What was your feelings about the eden and epifani cabs you owned? Damm i havent seen any epifani amps for sale in melbourne. The nl 210 is the same price as the labsystems so going on popularity the nl 210 would be the way to go. $3000 for 2 cabs then go and get a good head, mmmm bang $5000 gone just like that!
  8. Yeah mate, oversize items just not worth the risk and cost.

    I still have my Epi 112UL and 110UL rig which is great also just not quite versatile enough. Found it to be a bit too small for 50% of the time. Got rid of the Eden stuff a while ago which are also great cabs but I just got too sick of lugging those heavy bludgers.
    I am going to hang on to my Eden Wt550 and hopefully add a iAMP800 to this if I can get the money together. It's probably the best value for money 800 watt head going at the moment at under $1800 (aussie dollars that is).
  9. I have a schro 1212 and I would reccommend you try out a schro 410. Talk to dave at www.greensquare.net he would probably let you got and try one out in store (if you are in Sydney).
  10. Hey blizzard, here's another one (Ad):D . I really recommend 2 EA NL-210 cabs. Contact George at http://www.bassgeardirect.com.au and he will let you go over to his joint for a real cab test. Hopefully he may still have his Epi 410UL there still so you can compare and see what I found out for myself.
  11. mangl


    Jan 23, 2006
    hey i just got back from a band prac, where i hired out a labsystems 410hlc with a hartke 140watt head... they sounded.... meh, can get better combos... so i threw on my gk1001rb and mate, it killed everything, couldnt even hear the drums!
    mmm, i guess ill just hold off until i see a good 212 cab to get first, coz matching it with a 210 is alot easier than buying a 210 first i rekon coz theres not that many 212s going around just yet.. thx for all helps
  12. To bass clef

    Regarding the efpifani cabs did you buy them here in Aus or did you get them from the USA?

  13. Got the 112UL here in Sydney $1200 new.

    The 110UL from the Bass Central USA $1100 AU new. I paid too much for that but the Bass Player here in Sydney don't bring the 110UL in unless you pre order, put some money down and then wait a couple of months.

    Damn, Epi's aren't that cheap over here anyway. Come to think of it most boutique US brands are expensive over here. Good to see some of these little blokes taking the risk and bringing brands such as EA in and selling them at a more reasonable price.
    See Ya Mate,
  14. Bass Clef when you use the 112 and 110 (epifani) together is it very loud? I currently have 210 labsystems cab and a 115 cab, but am looking for other gear (thats what we gear heads do right?), what would you say is the difference between lab systems and epifani bass cabs? Are the epifanis that more powerfull then labsystems or edens etc?

    I havent been able to demo boutique boxes so thats why im asking.
  15. The epi 112UL with the 110UL combo is a very nice light weight rig. It is very articulate and plenty of definition and deep lows, but there's only so much this rig can handle. It is loud enough for venues up to 150 people also depending on the type of band your playing with. Anything more than that I really struggled to get any decent sort sound without loosing clarity. When I A/B 'ed them with just a single EA 210 box (8 ohms) the EA ate them for volume and that thing just sounds better the more you turn it up (I'm sure it also has it's limits). For the smaller gigs now I just use 1 EA NL-210 and I'm sweet.

    The Eden 210XLT is a great cab that is if you don't mind lugging a 2x10 box that weighs 68LBS(32 kg approx). But I also kept finding myself trying to Eq' for that low-mid bump that the Edens are know for. This can be a good thing sometimes but most of the time for me it was a nightmare. This is why I like more neutral sounding speakers such as the EA's and to a lesser extent Epifani's. I like starting my sound of from a clean sheet of paper so to speak and building up from there if you know what I mean. Basically want to hear what my bass really sounds like without any amp or speaker coloration and depending on the venue add or cut what ever it needs to get the sound I want to hear.

    As for Labsystems I also think the're too heavy to lug compared to EA's or Epifani's. The only Labsytems I got to try once in a store was a 410 and a 12" cab. Both were just not articulate enough and I had to really muck around with the eq too much to get some sort of sound which I liked. No offence to the Aussie manufacturers but I think they still have a way to go to be up there with some of these US boutique brands.
    I've heard a lot of rock dudes like them and probably they would do a pretty good job for rock.

    Just remember dude all these thoughts and observations are as I hear things with my own ears which can differ to other players ears.
    Cheers man,
  16. Id go a 410 115 set up if you were going the lab systems. That offers some added portability.

    Honestly, I think you should really consider Schroeder, they're killer cabs that pump out serious air for their size. I'd look into a 1212 1210 combination, or just a 1212 for starters.

    All other suggestions are worth looking at as well though!

    Good luck.
  17. Thanks for the info on the EA and epifani cabs. All food for thought and yes it depends on what your ears like.

    There seems to be a lot of hype on the net about schroeders at the moment as they are affordable in the states, they are also well priced here if one cab is all you need and will suffice. Its interesting to hear that the EA 210 box eats the epif setup.



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