Lace pickups?

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  1. ellefsonwannabe


    Nov 12, 2012
    I have 3 basses right now: a Fender Precision with DiMarzio Pickups, a Jackson JS2 with stock pickups, and a newly acquired Jackson Professional Kelly bass with stock pickups. I've been hoping to replace the stock Jackson pickups with some other passive, high output pickups, and I ran across Lace Alumitone Bass bar, Aluma-P and Aluma-J pickups which would fill all the pickup needs I have right now. However, all I know I learned from Youtube and the Lace site itself. Does anyone out there have Lace pickups in their bass? How do they sound? Any problems? How do they handle distortion?:bassist: Please halp!
  2. Lace makes good stuff. Their "Sensors" are some of my fav guitar pickups, and I think they sound beautiful. I see no reason why their bass pickups would be any different. Just my $0.02