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Late night ramblings concerning ampeg ba210v2

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Garret, Apr 18, 2020.

  1. Garret


    Apr 18, 2020
    I'm very close to ordering an ampeg ba210v2 from ams.
    I played gk for years. Love that growl. You really gotta push the amps to get it to come out though. Kinda like a tube amp. And you gotta play hard and "dig in" to your bass to further accentuate that gk growl. I play my bass allot harder than most bass players I see. Im heavy handed and don't use a pick. I strike hard and have my action fairly low on my Ibanez sr800. I like string talk, not too much. But a fair amount. I like that mid range growl.

    I heard a good bit of growl coming from these little ampegs in the demo videos, despite the fellas not playing hard. I can only imagine I could get more growl out of it with my playstyle.

    Anyhow a little late night rambling. Sold my gk1001rb &rack gear plus both neo 410 cabs about 4-5 years ago and bought a used laney 210 combo to spank on(gave up on bands for now. I have 3 boys and I'm not 25 anymore) it died a few days ago. I have really missed that gk growl since having the Laney.. And im almost done building a bass that's intended to be played quite aggressively to pull that growl... funny how the world works lol. Now I have 2 excuses to explore new amp options... right?

    I don't have 3k to rebuild that tone I once had with th gk rig. And that feller I sold the rig to won't sell it back. Understandably. That ol girl sounds downright nasty.

    So here I am. Laid off for a month now getting bored and my buddy gives me this beat up aria pro 2 bass. Age unknown. Neck, twisted. Body, Ugly and painted black. I thought, okay. I'll just sand it down, clear it, order pickups and beat on it. Well after Ive burnt the paint and sanded I started liking it more than I should. Tossed a touch of blue at it and im falling in love. Im almost done clear coating it. 2 layers to go then finish sanding, buffing, and polish. I've never attempted to stain and refinish a bass. But it's coming along ‍♂️ I didn't realise the neck was shot until I was already 5$00 deep into this "quick rebuild" hell I ordered new everything. I Haven't ordered a neck from warmoth yet. But, I have one picked out. There's another 500 between neck and tuners
    that being said my budget isn't huge right now for an amp.

    I'm thinking Maybe 500 smackers will get me in the ballpark of that aggressive growl I like with an ampeg amp this time around ‍♂️ I've always liked that ampeg tone. The demo vids of this little ba210 sound good. Heck, I'm fairly sure I have a ba115 in the basement with a fried amp and a 4 ohm speaker. I could swap that with an 8 ohm and have a decent little setup for 600 smackers.

    I guess I'm just kinda making some quarantine conversation. My names Garret, I've been playing bass for around 18 years now. Ive referenced this forum for years and only just now decided to make an account. I like playing just about anything but country.

    Anyone have a ba210 with a 15 underneath of it? What do you think of it and what style do you play?

    There's a pic of my Ibanez and a few of the bass body im redoing.

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  2. Gibson Victory

    Gibson Victory Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 21, 2019
    I fly the Ampeg banner pretty high but mostly have SVT stuff. You should check out the Combo Club thread. Folks over there have it together, and could offer good advice I am sure.
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  3. jon4lisasays


    Apr 10, 2020
    I’ve hooked my Ampeg BA115 to an Ampeg BA210SP run together from the 2 outputs of a Boss TU3 tuner. The 2 10’s sound great with the 15. At a price that won’t break the bank! I’ve only played small dives. One band was 90’s grunge style group and now I’m playing more Ramones styled rock n roll group. It sounds good for that type of style.

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