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Listening to the bass vs Playing it

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Shannow85, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Shannow85


    Jul 11, 2018
    Hello I'm new here,

    I need a little advice on selecting a bass... I currently have a 4003 which I'm trying to sell (as many people a love/hate affair) and just sold this afternoon my Stingray 5 as I wasn't using it anymore (got bored of "active" sound I guess).
    I wanted to trade them off to get a unique bass as I don't ever use more than one bass at a time (usually play one for couple years and then switch perhaps) I play for personal fun, no gig or actual talent. Actually I originally bought the Stingray second hand to replace the Rick which I was never happy with and ended up not making a decision for 10 years until now (I like the rick's tone but hate it's feel/mechanics, love the stingray but didn't like the sound as much and the fith string is utterly useless to me).

    Anyway I am a lefty and have found today by pure chance a 100% lefty guitar shop and pretty much spent my afternoon playing basses.The first time in my life I could play before I buy and multiple models! So great ! The plan since a few years which I am now applying is to sell both the Rick and the Musicman for a fender Jazz Bass which I love the sound.
    Having spend WEEKS deciding MIM vs MIA I got in the shop and tried both MIM and MIA for two hours the conclusion was straight the seller had a MIA Jbass 1974 second hand which blew me away but it was very worn and waayyy above my budget (about 3000$).
    I sighted and tried to decide between new MIM and new MIA... without much success.
    Both are great but couldn't decide, the MIA feels better in hands for sure and sound different than the MIM but not 1000$ better. The MIM to me felt as bit more "active" it's a bit odd. The MIA sounded more natural and a tad more high/mid growl but it's very subtle. Couldn't decide but that ok nobody can make the choice for me.(the wife didn't see any difference, she wasn't bothered)
    Now as I wen't out I said to my wife "look here's a P bass I'll show how different it is to the J".
    I took it and played it really thinking I wouldn't like it because I invariably prefer the J over the P in all youtube/ versus video/music clip I picked up and damned me I was thinking I quite like it! I really was surprised that I enjoyed plying it a lot. The sound is probably similar to the clips I guess but I don't know could be the relation play/noise that changes everything. This was the MIM P bass... I had to try the MIA P and boy did I like it even more. Here there was no question which one sounded better the MIA growled better and sounded a lot "meaner" and perhaps it was better setup but my fingers never felt so fast and smooth on the strings ! Even my wife said "why didn't you play like this earlier it's much better ?"

    So the question is : Is it unusual to have a different opinion on an instrument when you listen to it versus actually playing it ?
    I mean I enjoyed the sound coming out when playing it myself but didn't like it when others are playing it. It's very strange. Also as I said it is the first time I'm actually able to properly choose a model that I tried rather than buying a bass because I like the look and I saw a guy playing it somewhere and crossed my finger that the one I ordered will please me a bit blindfolded...

    PS: I realized I wrote a book again sorry
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