Little Mark Tube 800 Volume Issue

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  1. I’ve had my Markbass Little Mark Tube 800 for almost 4 years now and I’ve run into this issues for the second time. Whenever the “mix” solid state/tube dial is set to 100% tube the volume gradually cuts out almost entirely after a few minutes of playing. The volume increases back to normal when the dial is turned back to solid state.

    2 years ago I sent it out for warranty repair to have the issue fixed. They replaced the pot, which seemed to do the trick. The issue came back about a month ago. I brought it to a local tech who told me the soldering job was done sloppily and he cleaned it up, but that did not solve the problem. I assume the tube is ok, considering neither tech thought it was bad. What could be causing this problem?

    Little Mark Tube 800 played through a Markbass New York 151.

  2. *UPDATE*
    I had a tech attempt a fix and it seemed like it did the trick, until now. He thought some paths near the pot were getting crossed on the board, so he did some re-soldering and it seemed to be fine. Now I'm getting the same issue. However, after some poking around I have now discovered that when the sound is out and the dial is turned all the way to the tube side, if I toggle the Phantom Power switch next to it on and off, it seems to fix the problem momentarily. Any thoughts?
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    Time for a tech to do a more thorough troubleshooting, THEN repair what's actually wrong. To this point all that's been done is guessing.