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  1. In that case I'll repeat my earlier statement "That church doesn't actually want bass".
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    Mar 20, 2000
    Yeah, it's just frustrating to me as I am very passionate about worship music, bass playing, sound, etc. I could go get paid to play at a bigger church, but this particular church is really close to my house, I respect the pastoral team, and my wife and kids love it there. I know there are tensions in all of life...
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    Our church has gone to IEM's. Some people took to it right away, some fought it. In the end we all agree it's the best way to get a good FOH mix and for everyone to have a good monitor mix. We use the Rolls PM50s box. It's a wired system (no one is running around on a big stage) but those boxes are very versatile and affordable. Some people use standard ear buds, a few of us have bought more expensive ear buds. The drummer and I use Westone UM-2's. They are fantastic and still pretty affordable at $250 and they work with your iPod or whatever.

    We are also going to be building a new space starting in April. We have part of the new system - a Presonus Live board. We use our iPhones to set our own IEM mix. I think we can have 8 separate monitor mixes. It's an amazing board that can save mixes, endless options, is it's own router so you don't need a computer, etc. Really nice.

    Haven't heard much about the new system speakers yet. Our keyboard guy works for the local sound company and the church has a decent budget for sound and understands that good sound isn't cheap so I think we'll have a good system. I thought I heard we are using 4 subs - a pair for left and right. That should get me and the kick drum felt out in the house. :D

    Determine your needs, get advice, don't skimp.

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