Looking for Dan Pliskow's "Jazz Bass Lines"

Discussion in 'Music [DB]' started by Jack Clark, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. I'd like to buy a new or used copy of Dan Pliskow's "Jazz Bass Lines," preferably one that isn't indelibly marked up too bad. Thanks.

    Edited July 28: Since posting the above, I managed to find a copy at "Libreria BIRDLAND JAZZ," somewhere in Italy. They apparently have no English at all because the order form was entirely in Italian. What an adventure! After providing me with a drop-down box containing the names of every country on earth, they also provided me with a different drop-down box that insisted that I select my province in Italy from a list of about 100 provinces. If I didn't, the form would not process my order. So, I selected a province that produced the abbreviation "CA" in my address line, just like California.

    Anyway, after getting an email from them asking for my address "for expedition" (which I supplied again) I got another email from them saying they had shipped my order. Many thanks to
    That is one nice online tool, if you are ever in a fix like this one.

    Anyway, if you have a copy of Dan Pliskow's Jazz Bass Lines, don't throw it away. I'm not altogether confident that I'm going to get what my friends in Italy sent me.
  2. Dan's book arrived from Milan in perfect condition. It's going to be a great tool. Thanks, all.
  3. And I've since discovered that AllMusicMethods.com has it much cheaper than I paid under their number AEB-JBL. For some reason they don't mention Dan Pliskow's name with it, so I missed it when I did a search. :meh: