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    So I was killing time this afternoon, and went into my old employer (circa 1989!) Guitar Trader here in San Diego...

    They had a used EBMM SUB 5 on the wall.. As it happens, I'm sorta in the market a 5 string fretted that I can slap...

    The strings were dead and it was kinda dirty (Sheeesh...) but it played pretty well... but I have question:

    In searching, I've read that the electronics are same-same with the Stingray.... Confirm?

    The neck is finished -- anyone know why? I didn't much like the feel of the finish (felt cheap) - that *is* a maple neck... right? Has anyone here stripped theirs?

    And lastly, they were asking ~$500 - - and I'm sure I could grind them a bit... Good deal?

    thanks much.
  2. hmmmm i have the 4 banger version and couldnt be happier for what i got it for,i believe they have the same 2 BAND preamp as a stingray, but use a different pickup,still good in my opinion. and the neck is finished propably because its cheaper to do it that way,usually the woods chosen are less than cosmetically appealing so they just cover it up, still very functional and a great feeling neck in my opinion, but just keep in mind that they saved money(ur saving money) because of the cosmetics that arent good/appealing as a stingray,but all in all its a great bass,and the 5 stringers are rare too so it should keep its value well,but try to talk them down a bit ive not seen too many 5ers, but the 4 string one are usually 350-450,but i can see why the 5er is a bit more.O yeah and i have a real american stingray so i aint talking no bull
  3. I would think that finishing the neck is actually more time consuming than the unfinished oiled necks. My guess is the second part of this is right and they use slightly less cosmetically appealing necks.

    I have seen one stipped though and it was not ugly.
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    I've read on the EB forum (and here) that the pickup itself is the same.
  5. yeah ive seen some refinished and unfinished and they turned out all right, i kinda want to refinish mine but ive been told it moght effect the value down the road or somethin
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    I stripped mine down and tru-oiled it, and I believe that it's a maple neck (apologies, not too good with identifying wood types...)