looking for logical arpeggio fingerings.

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  1. Hi guys I need help with fingerings for arpeggios. I have a jazz background but am now attempting serious study in classical technique.
    I am doing grade VII Associated Board RoyalvSchool of Music this june. So I bought their own scale book just to check that I was in the right ball park fingering wise. However their fingering seems very inefficient and at times illogical. I trawled through the method thread but there were several methods mentioned. I don't want to develop bad habits that have to be reversed in the future. What do you guys reccommend as a good no nonsense scale and arpeggio fingering book for Double bass. I really don't think there is any short cut to improvement . You got learn the scales and arpeggios for any genre. Any suggestions welcome. ta
  2. basshog


    Nov 29, 2008
    Francois Rabbath's method books for scales. Start with Book II. For arps, I like the back 20 pages or so of Levinson's book. Well organized and good fingerings.
    Those are my personal favs.
  3. MDEbass


    Dec 15, 2008
    Everyone has different opinions on fingerings. Some seem logical and work for some people, others don't. Find what works for you. Experiment. Take the time, try to find fingerings that work, try any possible fingering, and stick with the ones you like. I do that sometimes and it helps your physical playing as well as getting you thinking about this type of stuff to apply to musical passages etc. Good luck
  4. thedbassist


    Sep 10, 2006
    I really couldn't recommend Rabbath's 3rd book for scales and arpeggio fingerings. There are over 130 fingerings for each scale and the book will help prepare you for anything you come across in the bass's repertoire and play it with ease. Do you have a classical teacher? Oh and the fingering should fit the music not vice versa so you should have as many options available to you(fingering-wise) as possible.
  5. Do you mean could or couldn't? Your reply is a little confusing.

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