Luthier fretboard repair timeframe. Advice????

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  1. Hey guys. This is the first time I've used a luthier to repair any of my basses. Long story short I acquired a 1975 jazz bass that at some point in it's life had the fretboard sprayed with poly. It was darkening/ambering the pearl block inlays which bothered me a little. Local luthier says he can get it off and refinish the fretboard. I agree and leave the bass with him on October 29th. It is now Jan 18th. I know I'm not his only customer, my question is - is this a normal timeframe for this kind of repair? I don't want to bug him and be a PITA customer, but it would be good to know when I can expect to see my bass. He said he thought it would be ready last Friday, but that has come and gone with no communication. If this is normal, I'll just wait patiently because after all it's more important that the fretboard come out right than me get the bass back quickly..

    Just looking for your thoughts/advice/experience.

  2. Seems a bit long tbh. I managed to clear a poly finish off of a bass neck and fretboard within a few days, a couple of hours a day. I removed the top layer of poly down to the original finish on the board and sanded off the finish on the back, all by hand. Refinishing with nitro or an oil could definitely make the process last a couple months especially if he's juggling a lot of other projects. Have you been in touch?
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    i'm in east cincy: took a fretless bass to a local luthier for some neck 'narrowing' (P to a J) and he took about three months to do the work (he told me it would be "two weeks" when i dropped it off!). i had to leave messages and email him multiple times (after a month or so) to get his attention. pretty frustrating, but: he did a nice job, he included a brass nut, and he only charged $80. i told him i'd be up for giving him more work, but that he would have to communicate a little better for me to recommend and refer. he got the point, i got a good deal, so i'm generally OK with him. same young man? (PM me if you want). good luck! :thumbsup:
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I have been in touch with him late last week. I don't want to be a pain in this guy's backside especially since I have never done this process and don't know how long it normally takes.

    JRA - It does not sound like the same guy. I also have some more work on a custom neck I had made that I need to find a guy for so if you have recommendations in the Cincy area I'm open to info.

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