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  1. I have a Mackie DL1608 with preset shows set up for the different configurations of the band. Sometimes we mic drum (kick, snare and overhead). I have the drum mic set up in all preset shows whether we use then or not. Last few show we have not mic'd drums but I am getting a level signal in the drum overhead channel. Input has nothing plugged in to it and input gain is all the way down. The signal pulses with the music, so it is not just random noise. Any ideas what this could be?
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    Haven't read the whole manual...yet...but, in the meantime, try this: with the whole schmear running (live band, canned track, whatever), put your headphones on, solo the ghost channel, and listen to and identify whatever the heck is coming through the 'phones. Feel free to boost the trim to saturate the channel if necessary.

    Stupid question: does the Mackie allow you to re-assign certain functions (aux's, etc.) to an empty mic channel internally or does everything require cabling?

    BTW, if you're wearing the 'phones and hear "...get out!...", heed the warning and bolt. You are not obligated to share this with your bandmates.

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    Mine does this if the input trim is up. If you plug in something it goes away. It happens because the relatively high input impedance of the input not properly terminated with a low impedance input source picks up crosstalk from the other channels.
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    It my be possible to eliminate crosstalk by moving live channels around. Experiment.
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    The crosstalk only exists into channels that have nothing attached to them so isn't a problem.