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  1. Pederbas


    Jul 18, 2015
    Hi bassplayers!
    I'm interesting in getting a MB little mark 250 blackline 15th edition.
    But my effort in tryin to get more info from MB has not been good.
    What I wanted to know was this:
    Are this amps ( 250 blackline 15th edition) a class D or not?
    What does MPT means ?
    I know it's markbass proprietary technology and does all markbass amps have this?
    Thanx and hope for some info before I choose TC BH250 instead...

    Peder bassplayer from Sweden
  2. Hi mate ! Class D yes, as for all those small and powerfull head.
    Then MpT don't know but for what you hesitate, been in same position the choise was between :
    - Markbass tone stack : four bands eq, VLE = high freq cutting, VPF = Contour slap oriented
    - TC elecronic Tone print : tons of effects
    I dig Markbass tone shape and went to it, no regret.
  3. I'd strongly suspect the MPT is not really a specific "thing" or a logical matter, all Markbass heads have Markbass Proprietary Technology in them.

    I think either one could easily make the same person happy, so one way to go is to consider and compare features.

    Overall, the LM250 has the same control setup as its siblings (there's a lot of good, shapable sounds in there...and flat is good too), while the BH250 has a couple of convenience features over the LM (tone and mute), and the TonePrint feature can be useful, even if you're not an effects guy (which I'm not), with the compression and drive TonePrints being available, not as effects but as tone utilities.

    Feature comparisons/choices to make:

    EQ Control - (Apple) The LM has the classic MB 4-band midpoint setup and VLE/VPF filters - (Orange) The BH has a 3-band, non-standard, dynamic midpoint EQ. Arguably, the LM is more shapable. Either one can get you where you're going, but the BH is more limited in this regard. If what you're after is within those limits, it's a non-issue.

    Tuner - BH has it, LM doesn't (may or may not matter to you)

    Mute - BH has it, LM doesn't (may or may not matter to you)

    TonePrint - BH has it, LM doesn't (may or may not matter to you)
  4. Pederbas


    Jul 18, 2015
    ok,thanks guys!
  5. Markbass Proprietary Technology is marketing for shure, but the truth in it is that Markbass develops its own class-D modules while nearly all other suppliers of bass amps buy the ICE power modules. I'm pretty sure that the newer blackline amps are class-d. The LMII had an analog power amp and the first of the LMIII amps were analog too (just had a digital switching power supply). Markbass changed them to class-d without notice.
  6. Pederbas


    Jul 18, 2015
    Great info DirkP!
  7. Alexandre Arce

    Alexandre Arce

    Nov 11, 2013
    Eu tenho o LM 250 e em menos de 1 ano já está com problemas, um ruído (zumbido) ziiiii está saindo da cabeça para meus speakers incomodando muito. Tenho outros amps que não me deram problemas.
  8. Alexandre Arce

    Alexandre Arce

    Nov 11, 2013
    Tenho um colega com o mesmo dfeito...
  9. FLV


    Sep 14, 2013
    Sorry to dig up an old thread but... is the 250 Blackline actually a Class D amp, or A/B like the old LM/LMII versions?
  10. Class D
  11. bordinco90


    Dec 7, 2011
    SW Louisiana
    Zombie Thread!!! I owned both of these amps and I must say I really like the LM 250 better than the BH250. I currently play though the LM 250. I feel like the Markbass gets louder and has a better EQ section than the TC. The toneprint is a nice gimmick, but I wouldn't ever use it in a live setting. The features and price (the LM 250 can be had for cheaper than the BH250 new) of the LM 250 blow away the TC IMO.

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