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midi pickup and reason

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by warwickben, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. so i got reason and a midi keyboard, i suck at keyboards. my ? is can i get a midi pickup and use it with reason i know i would have to buy a midi input or midi to usb input, and othere stuff but would the pikup work with reason. i know i can't mix my bass sinagle with it like u can useing the roland pedals. i dont knwo how to ask wat i wanna ask. sorry
  2. you might want to do a search on this, but in general if you want to add an additional midi pickup to your bass, you'll either have to fit a roland GK-2b or yamahas version BD1(externally) or modifiy your bass w/ a piezo eqipped bridge. Also the output of the midi pickup has to be a 13pin arrangement. Then you need some form of a midi converter, such as an axon unit or rolands GSk. Finally you'll need the midi synth which is your bank of sounds.
    Its very do-able, but can be $$$ and it all depends what you want as output out of the bass.
    So what specifically is your Q?
  3. You should be able to run the midi cable from the pickup to your soundcard/midi interface and use the bass as your midi controller. The advantage to this is that you're comfortable on bass and you'll be able to play things easier. The downside is you won't have real time control of controllers and the bass' range is pretty limited when composing for other instruments.
  4. most likely iam going to get the roland, i under stand i need to buy some thing to connect the midi cable to my pc fire wire or usb,iam running a ibook g3(laptop). wat i wasnt sure is if the roland used a normale midi cable. cause i know with the guiatr pickup u can take a 6 inch cable and connect it form the guiatr out put to the roloand picup and u then connect to the roland effect pedal with just the midi cable. the reason i wanna do this is cause i am not that GREAT AT KEYBOARDS. i allready know the bass. and iam not going to be doing this to make sax sounds or stuff like that, mainly for effects and bass sounds.

    "you won't have real time control of controllers" i belive i could buy a midi device thats justy controls and set itup to control knobs in reason.not sure if u can be playing two midi controllers in reason yet.