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  1. I have searched but not having much luck. What i'm looking for is a mono block power amplifier. I'd run my Sansamp BDDI in and run a 12" cabinet. I'd like around 300 watts into 4 ohms. Guess i'm asking, do they make something similar to a GenzBenz shuttle 3.0 but with only the power amplifier portion? No use paying for a preamp i'm not going to use.

    thanks for any input...
  2. I may be wrong but a BDDI does not have the (voltage/power? I don't know what term to use) to push a poweramp properly, I have read that the VT bass does though, I've had both and the VT does seem to have more output. Carvin makes good quality gear, they have a DCM1000 its 350wx2 that runs 300 new, with that you would always have the option of adding another cabinet later. You should be able to to pick a used QSC or Carvin on the cheap on Ebay.
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    while older models of the BDDI may be different, later ones have a line level output to feed a poweramp. i've done it for months without any problem.
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    The first models of the BDDI didn't have enough output to drive a power amp properly, but the newer models (which aren't that new anymore) have got a switch where you can set your BDDI's output to line or instrument level depending how you want to use it and the line level has got the ability to drive a power amp. As far as I understand VT doesn't have this option, allthough I might be wrong.
  6. thanks everyone for the info. just need to do a little investigating on the selections. yes, i do have the newer model with the line level out and have been feeding a rather large mackie power amp. just need something alot smaller. thanks again guys.
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    Of course there's the discontinued Acoustic Image Focus SA power amp. It's more power than you want but makes a great rig with the BDDI or ParaDriver DI and is tiny.
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    I use an AI Focus 1 for my upright bass. It sounds great.
    When I use it with my electric bass, I use a ParaDriver into
    the effects return. This works great, sounds great, and has
    more headroom than the mini Markbass, GK, or Genz heads.
    Its a very flexible preamp. The Focus is set up so I can
    bypass the preamp section. Great combo.
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    Feb 25, 2003
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    Was wondering if this was possible:cool:. Does it sound weird to run the ParaDriver into the front end of the Focus? I know it wouldn't bypass the pre but you could phantom power the SanAmp this way. With all tone controls set flat on the Focus, does it sound flat to you?

    Thanks, Alan
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    As I recall, the tone was underwhelming when I went from the
    Sansamp to the Focus pre. I don't recall exactly why, but I
    know I never felt the urge to do it again. That was a while
    ago. Plus, the Focus makes such a good, tiny, powerful
    power amp. It also sounds very good with my Tone Hammer too.
  11. I might be looking for a mini power amp too--how much do the focus power amps go for used usually?
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    +1. I've spent a lot of time A/B'ing the results of plugging a preamp or DI (like an Avalon U5) into either the effects return or the front end of an AI Clarus SIII (and, earlier, a Focus SII), and in every single case I've had much better results bypassing the preamp section of the AI head. The AI preamp is pretty flat, but it just doesn't sound good at all IMO (unless you're running a mic into it, which is what I use it for, and then it's great).

    Whatever the case may be, the AI products give you a ton of clean power in a package much smaller and more portable than even the smallest power amps (like the Stewart World 1.2). They're wonderful pieces of gear.
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  14. Sorry to jump on the back of this discussion, but does the MXR-80+ have the guts to push a power amp properly?