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Mini-Rig for practicing - AmPlug?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by suwapp, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. suwapp


    Jun 25, 2017
    Hey there!

    I would like to buy gear for silent practicing, something I can move around in the apartment and can use with my earbuds, and does not require a lots of cables.

    Currently I am using a Behringer bx600 (sometimes with earbuds), and I use my iphone for metronome&ireal&youtube, either with a small Jbl bluetooth speaker or with connected to the bx.
    (The bx600 has broken down on the weekend. I plan to fix it, but I am still intrested in setting up a mini-rig which is more family friendly).

    I am thinking about buying an Amplug2 bass and a small bluetooth receiver so that I am able to to use my earbuds and still listen to backing tracks/metronome. Is this a good setup? Is there any other solution in similar/bit more expensive price range?
    I have read about the iRig hd, but it would require more cables and I am not sure that the amp app and the ireal would work properly together.

  2. PullThePlug


    Jan 8, 2014
    Roland Micro Cube Bass RX Bass Amp

    I have one. I love it. Does what you want - just one cable, headphone access, and it's pretty full sounding for how small it is.

    It can get plenty loud, about yelling/shouting volume without farting out if needed.

    You can power it with a one spot, it takes a 9v DC.

    It costs quite a bit more than your Amplug, but it offers so much. I have no experience with the amplug.
  3. N4860


    Mar 28, 2017
    I sometimes use my Zoom B3 when I just want to plug in and play using some headphones. It can run on batteries as well which may be good for you. Another plus is that it is a multifx unit so you can throw on some fx, model amps, and use it with your full rig too. It has drum machine/metronome but I don't recall if it has an auxillery in or not.
  4. Jonathan C

    Jonathan C Supporting Member

    May 31, 2016
    Smithtown, NY
    Amplug 2, been using for a few years now. Use Sony MDR headphones and the auxiliary input with music from phone or pc. Has plenty of volume and sounds more than good enough for silent practice I use rechargeable AAA nicads, worth it.
    Rumble 40 for live practice does not get used all that much.
  5. kohanmike

    kohanmike Gold Supporting Member

    I use a Blackstar Fly3 Bass dual. Batteries or a/c, MP3 line in, headphone out.

    Fly 3 400.
  6. I run pedal board into this, then hook the USB to my computer. Gives me play-along capability and silent practice. And it's cheap. I use to use a Zoom B3 and that is another good option for standalone.
    ART Pro Audio
  7. physics


    Aug 7, 2009
    Berkeley, CA
    I have the AmPlug2 for bass. It's okay but the amp has a lot of internal hiss; I also have a Fender V3 Rumble 40 that I use mostly for practice, with the headphone out jack.
  8. EricMordus


    Aug 29, 2013
  9. Dan in NJ

    Dan in NJ

    Sep 3, 2004
    Jersey Shore
    I just got it, AP2-BS. Sounds fine. The iRig2 requires you download Mp3 or files if you want to practice with tracks. I use a music streaming service, much easier to just jack the phone into the Amplug.
  10. suwapp


    Jun 25, 2017
    Thanks for your suggestions. I have decided to go with a Vox Amplug2 bass and a Blitzwolf bluetooth receiver. Sorry for the late response, I have just received the Blitzwolf. So now I just plug this stuff into my bass and I can play backing tracks with my phone :)

    On the picture you can see my extraordinary engineering skills :) Somehow it would be nice to attach these two items together with a short cable, but I need to experiment a bit with this. Firts attaching the Blitzwolf makes the Vox heavier, so it rotates around as you move the guitar. Second, if the Blitzwolf is close (<0,5cm) to a particular part of the Vox it will be noisy.
    So it is solved for now in an ugly way :( I need to improve on that.

    Also I am gathering experience with the battery lives for both devices. I can’t say anything about them.

    All in all I think this will work. Instead of plugging the phone into the Vox with a cable (I have an iphone 8 which does not have audio jack just lightning, so I need an additional cable for that), I can just simply use BT. Also if I I need to charge my phone I can move it around easily. Putting down the bass is still a bit incomfortable, becase I have a stand where you need to unplug the bass to put down, but this is a minor thing.

    If you are interested I can post about my progress with my little Frankenstein Rig :)


    Attached Files:

  11. zbigniew


    Nov 14, 2002
    Northern Iceland
    Hi Suwapp - how is this working out for you? I'm interested in your progress :)
    I also have purchased the Vox Amplug 2 for bass and have just dipped my toe in practicing with it. Haven't tried plugging my iPhone in it for using it with music.

    G-Z likes this.
  12. G-Z

    G-Z My other account is a Supporting Member

    Apr 13, 2018
    I've used my AmPlug2 a few times with smartphone plugged into aux input. I've been using some DrumDrop drumbeats to practice to, rather than straight music, but that facility works well with the product.
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  13. suwapp


    Jun 25, 2017
    Hi zbigniew!

    It work pretty well, definitely worth the money. Also, during rehersals when we do not have a drummer I usullay put on some drums with the iReal Pro - whilst using the BT for connection here as well.
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