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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Thabasszist, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Thabasszist


    Dec 11, 2009
    Roanoke, Va
    So I'm having a hard time deciding. At first I was almost sure on what I wanted.... EBS TD 650/660 with a Proline 410 and 115. Now I'm not sure if I want the Proline 810 and the Fafner II. Really and truly I'm not sure on combination. Also, I'll be playing with a Warwick Corvette Standard 6 string. Type of music being played = Funk/Rock/Jazz. So give me some pointers on what you think I should get. Any combination of the amps and cabs would help, since you know what type of sound I'm going for.
  2. I personaly am a big fan of the TD650/660, I like it's ability to shift between what the HD350 does on the modern clean side to what the fafner does with the more gritty rock vibe. On the cab side of things, if you go with the TD650 it is really designed to run best at a 2 ohm load which the Proline 410 and 115 will allow. The 810 is a nicer cab though IMO but runs only at 4ohms IIRC... maybe get two 410 4ohm cabs instead?
  3. janek65


    Apr 7, 2005
    I added a 212 (instead of 115) to my 410, running through a Fafner. The 810 is probably better soundwise but i didn't want the size & weight and went for some flexibility. I play progrock (Warwick lx5) and funk/rock (jazz 75 RI). I love what i hear :). From what i've read the 650/660 is very very good, and the Fafner II is at the top of my what-do-i-buy-if-i-have-some-serious-money-wishlist.

    I like the suggestion of two 410 cabs!
  4. I owned both the HD350 and the TD650, and have played a Fafner. For your contexts ( assume you want it crips and clean), I would probably stay away from the Fafner, which has a tube pre and really is designed to rock and grind.

    Also, the TD650 is one of those heads that is named for its 2ohm operation. At 4ohms, there is VERY little difference in tone or total maximum volume between the TD650 and HD350. So, you can save yourself a lot of money and a lot of size and a bit of weight by choosing the HD350 over the TD650 if you know you will primarily be running at 4ohms. The only other difference between the HD350 (which is 2ohm 'safe', but will not put out any more power) is that the TD650 has both the 'tube emulation' drive control and a true tube drive mode, while the HD350 only has the tube emulation drive control. Quite frankly, unless you need full out distortion, the tube emulation sounds better to me, just warming up the head a bit.

    That being said, both the HD350 and TD650 are heavy and underpowered versus many other amps on the market that are smaller, and at least in the US, much less expensive. However, there is a certain sizzle and 'hi fi-ness' to those EBS models that is unique, and if you dig a very modern tone with lots of zing, they are pretty cool.

    The other very cool thing about the 350/650 (I think the 650 is now actually called the 660 or something), is that the parametric mid control has a wide Q for boosting, and a narrow Q for cutting, and at the extreme level cut, I believe it changes to a notch filter... pretty cool.

    Again, at 4ohms, the HD350 is the way to go IMO for your contexts.
  5. For those in the US looking for EBS gear (which is quite expensive over here), Greg at Rocketbass has some killer deals on some EBS close-outs (HD350, 650 and a few other things). I'm not affiliated, but have had pleasant dealings with this shop.

    Check out the EBS thread in the Rocketbass 'sponsored forum'.

    FYI... I'm not affiliated in any way.
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