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muted pops?

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by anomalybass, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. I've been trying to get more familiar w/ ryknows bass playing style. There's some things I'm hearing that I can't figure out. He does alot of percussive sounding stuff that sounds like a muted pop or something. Sorry, it's kind of hard to explain. Maybe I just can't dial in the half distorted ampeg tone he's using. He'll be doing some fingerstyle fills and slides w/ these muffled pops that sound crazy. Does anyone know how to do this, or even know what I'm talking about? :meh:
  2. :confused:
    Okay now I'm confused?
    But there are a few ways to get a muted pop
    There's the standard muted pop by using your lefthand to mute the string
    There's the two fingered muted pop by using your middle finger to pop and while doing so use your index finger to mute the string then quickly transfer both fingers simultaneously off the string
    Since you mentioned he's playing fingerstyle with muffled pops position your righthand as if you were playing fingerstyle
    Then using any of your righthand fingers reach under the string and sort've snap it back ( you should have an arc motion ) this one takes practice
    It's kinda hard to explain it in words although showing you in person would be way easier
    Hope this is what you've been looking for you never know someone out there may explain better
  3. All that percussive pop stuff is mostly done by muted pops, muted slaps, and left-hand slap stuff. There are some more unorthodox techniques, but those are mostly artist-specific. Just get used to putting muted notes between accented notes and you'll get that funky rhythmic feel. Practice, practice!
  4. Unorthodox is an understatement! I finally figured out how to get those buzzsaw sounding slides he does all the time. Thanks for the info on the pops. I think alot of what I'm looking for has alot to do w/ tone. His highs and mids are cranked, but it still sounds muffled or something. Maybe it's the warwick? I'm using an Ampeg svp pro preamp w/ a cirrus 5. Both the cirrus and the thumb are "middy" basses, so I'm pretty sure I can come close to his tone. Thanks for the help.