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My bands new recordings (Metal): Check it?

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by MachineBass, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. MachineBass


    Nov 5, 2010
  2. Darkonar


    Dec 14, 2011
    i quite enjoyed War of the Ragnarok, very death-black i like it, but the overture-1928-like intro.. hmm no

    lycanthropic misfortune i listened to the first half, the rest i guess i noticed it when the song ended, relistened and decided it was too grind for me.

    you guys are very enjoyable to listen after all
  3. MachineBass


    Nov 5, 2010
    Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.
  4. chaotick


    Aug 15, 2006
    Raleigh, NC, USA
    Pretty unique, I liked it! Good bass presence, do you use a fretless?

    Just a heads up, you probably won't get many replies -- [modern] metal isn't exactly most people's interest on this forum (to say the least...)
  5. MachineBass


    Nov 5, 2010
    Thank you for checking out my bands material and for the heads up. No, I do not use a fret less. I really want people to check it for my playing, and critique me, more so than my band. Nonetheless, thank you.
  6. pretty cool, i think your bass could still afford to be louder. Only reason I can hear it is because I'm listening for it, and you seem to be going off with some pretty cool lines so I think you could still afford to be louder. Good playing overall though. Some may argue you're overplaying (I'm not, just trying to keep an open mind) but it sounds pretty good to me.
  7. I can dig it, although the previous statements of more bass are indeed true. I'm listening through a decent system with a sub and can barely hear it in the mix.
  8. Good stuff. I like it.
  9. more coffee

    more coffee

    Aug 31, 2011
    Denver, CO
    My thoughts

    The songs themselves are great. Some excellent riffs, cohesive writing; the songs "flow" well.

    The performances are spot on. It takes a lot of talent to play music like this with the level of precision that's being shown. Well done.

    The production is great. Crisp, clear, good tones. I agree with others that the bass needs to be a little more prominent in the mix, which I find to be a common issue with modern metal recordings, so you're certainly not alone in this.

    If I could offer any constructive criticism, it would be for you to consider how distinctive your sound is. There are a lot of bands out there right now that are exploring the space between melodeath and technical death metal, which is where your band seems to be situated. What will set you apart from all the others?

  10. MachineBass


    Nov 5, 2010
    First off, thank you all for your responses, I definitely appreciate it very much.

    Second, I told the damn producers to turn me up a whole lot more, but they aren't use to recording aggressive bass players. Next time they will know.

    Good question, and I have in fact thought about this and what will happen when my band reaches that fork in the road. I believe that we will change it up as time goes along, and not drag it on for too long. Hopefully we'll add different influences (I am a full time musician that plays many other genres), and we will not get stuck in this area. I can only make sure that we do our best to be original without forcing it too hard.
  11. On my sh@tty computer speakers (the key to really testing a mix) I thought your bass level was ok, I think it is more of an eq issue. I would say add about 2db@250,500hz, another 2db@1.5-2khz, a shelving filter with a boost from about 5.5-6kup, and cut a bit around 100hz with a low Q (somewhere around an 1/8th octave). I would also suggest a longer decay on the compression of the snare drum (if there is any compression) and maybe a bit more reverb/delay on the snare and cymbals. During the verses the levels of the guitar could be lowered a bit, and I think the guitar could use a little bit of reverb/delay also. Right now everything is very jumbled in your face and lacks a bit of depth of stage.

    You guys have a really good, tight sound, and with a little bit of engineering these tracks could go a long way. Definitely some hints of BTBAM in there (at least in the composition and playing, not so much in the vocals).

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