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My Gustav experience

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by spencer, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. spencer

    spencer Guest

    Feb 22, 2006
    I guess Im gonna take this thread and make it specifically for anyone who wants to see what its like in a hurricane... Well actually you can find pictures anywhere here is just my stuff..
    Agian, my location to the predicted hurricane path


    My House




    few houses in my neighborhood..









    Nearest Grocery Store



    Grocery Store Stayed open untill 1:00 and was packed, many are staying.


    Im beginning to see a few clouds roll in and the some thunder..

    If you guys want pictures of anything let me know..

    Update: Its raining hard.
  2. Woah, intense man.
    I'm in Georgia, so I'm going to be getting some banding off the damn thing, I feel for you though, I used to live in Florida. Right on the coast.
  3. McHaven


    Mar 1, 2005
    I'm in East Texas, waiting to see how hard we get hit here

  4. Houston will be mostly unscathed, looks like. I live pretty close to the coast (within the Houston area, anyhow) and my college (UH-Clear Lake) emailed all students and said we're not expected to get more than one inch of rain here.

    Stay safe, everyone.
  5. McHaven


    Mar 1, 2005
    I'm in Nacogdoches for School. We'll probably get some heavy rain up here.
  6. WickedPissah


    Jan 22, 2008
    what do you do with your bass(es)?
  7. Scarlet Fire

    Scarlet Fire

    Mar 31, 2007
    New England
    If the opportunity presents itself, and it's not a threat to your personal safety, try and get a picture of the eye. I remember when I lived in Florida I went outside when the eye passed over us, and it was totally bizarre.
  8. spencer

    spencer Guest

    Feb 22, 2006
    Me? I've been enjoying time off playing them.
  9. spencer

    spencer Guest

    Feb 22, 2006
    Awesome Idea, I wasn't aware you could actually see something..
  10. WickedPissah


    Jan 22, 2008
    nonono i mean how do you keep them safe from the storm?
  11. Thor

    Thor Gold Supporting Member In Memoriam

    Pretty fancy neighborhood.

    Of course, our fave bassist in the 'hood needs Bubinga
    tops on the sheathing.

    Given how often you use it, boutique sheathing is going
    to be the next fashion statement

    "WOAH DUDE, you are using that crappy 4ply plywood from
    Home Crapot? NO WAY!'

    Clueless neighbor and Gtard wannabee 'Yeah, that's all they

    Spiffy Spenser , "Uh, yeah, I ordered mine 3 years ago, had
    them custom fitted to each window out of 13 ply baltic birch
    with a top veneer of Bubinga, with chromed hardware,
    completely sealed and sound insulated. They are built in, just
    push a button and they deploy; push another and they detract
    and stow themselves.

    gui****: 'Whats 13 ply bubinga bitch?
  12. McHaven


    Mar 1, 2005
    Normal protocol is normally to elevate the basses to the highest point possible. As well as that, put them in cases, preferably hard cases, and wrap them multiple with trash bags and anything to help keep the water out
  13. wazzel


    Dec 27, 2007
    Houma, LA
    What part of Houma are you in?
  14. Scarlet Fire

    Scarlet Fire

    Mar 31, 2007
    New England
    It totally depends on how the hurricane's structure progresses, but it is possible to have a period of total calm for a few minutes before being slammed by the hurricane wall.
  15. wazzel


    Dec 27, 2007
    Houma, LA

    Nevermind, those houses look familure for another reason, you are in LaPlace?
  16. StarscreamG1


    Dec 17, 2007
    Those pics bring back memories when my area got slammed by 3 in about 8 weeks in 04. I hope the umbrella and the lanterns and other loose items in those pics were picked up before you were done. If they weren't they are gone for sure once the storm hits.
  17. spencer

    spencer Guest

    Feb 22, 2006
    Haha, no thats where I am from though, its like 16 miles east of here, Its a little town called gramercy..
  18. wazzel


    Dec 27, 2007
    Houma, LA
    We lived in LaPlace for a few years. Back 2001-2003
  19. Brim


    Nov 20, 2005
    Sarasota, FL
    Bring in all your potted plants - they will become missiles for your house and your neighbors. Stay safe.
  20. Robybass


    Nov 3, 2006
    That remembers me, hurricane George. I lived through it and saw many fliying roof in my neigborhood in Puerto Rico. If you stay home, be safe and be very carefull.
    Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. If you think you have enough ice and batteries, buy more. Something I learned by living through George, was that you see the wind blowing from one direction,(storm front) the wind stop completely and you think it's over (eye) and in few minutes later the wind blows from the other way. (back of the storm). Be carefull, be very carefull.

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