My refrigerator!!

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  1. Bruce


    Aug 12, 2004
    south carolina
    One of the three bands I play with, "The Fourclosures", (two of the four players are in real estate), played a gig at our local US Coast Guard facility last Saturday, and since it was an outdoor gig I brought my Ampeg SVT, "The Refrigerator".
    I love playing through this amp since all the notes on my neck are the same volume.
    All my other bass rigs have hot notes and dead notes. I thought it was my basses, but turns out to be the amp/speaker combination.
    Live and learn.
    Just wanted to share my "brag shot". Have a wonderful weekend. Bruce, on the coast of South Carolina.

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  2. jastacey


    Feb 8, 2009
    This could be a good application of using a HPF with the other cabs, to control those issues some what, and yes having a 810 moving air behind you is a nice feeling
  3. Really is a nice looking rig. I haven't played a 'fridge in decades. There is something special about having one behind you. Your cab color is very cool.

    We played an Air Force gig last year. One of the men selling beer was retired Air Force. Found out I was retired Navy and I got free beer the whole gig. Go Air Force! LOL.

    However, I do have a 'fridge. Just using it as a way to keep my rig off the stage. Loved the color of your 'fridge so much, I had to recolor mine to match yours.
    Can barely string 3 notes together, but the bands seem to keep me around. Go figure... :)
  4. Bruce


    Aug 12, 2004
    south carolina
    This 810e cabinet belonged to the bass player in a band called
    Green River". He deserted his girlfriend, leaving it behind, and after 3 years she sold it to me for $225. The two top speakers had locked up cones, and after I got her home I found those to had their magnet structures partially pulled off the back, locking the cones/voice coils. Bought two exact 32 ohm speakers and off she goes (to gigs! LOL) I dissected the two damaged speakers to view their voice coils, and there was zero indication of overheating. Nice fine!!! Guess she fell over backwards and this was the result. The other 6 speakers are just fine, and measure perfect for DC ohms and cone movement. Love the cab, thank you. Bruce
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