NBD 2012 Bogart Blackstone 4 20th anniversary edition

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  1. ltsal


    Dec 12, 2017
    D675B5F5-5018-4FE2-824F-15A2BCD6C39C.jpeg BD7745CA-8690-46C9-BA09-90BA716D5503.jpeg 11201826-A957-4FFB-B613-4780E5A4196E.jpeg Hallo fellow Talkbass friends.

    this is my new 2012 Bogart Blackstone 4 20th anniversary edition.

    I got the bass from a German bass forum for a really good price.
    It is made in 2012 in Germany (Near Frankfurt) by Stephan Heß the owner of SKC Bogart.
    It has a graphite neck with I believe it’s a wooden fingerboard ( actually not sure what kind of wood if it’s wood). The neck is a nice medium D shape ish and is a bolt on with a truss rod construction.
    The Body is made out of a small wooden core with secret blend of composite material around it.
    That material is supposed to sound like wood but with improved resonance.

    The pickup that is in my bass is one MM style Bartolini humbucker with a Noll 3 band with push pull passive mode with passive tone pot.

    The sound and feel is amazing.
    The bass is pretty light and feels very compatible.
    Sound wise it has that typical stingray sound that you expect from that pickup position. It super easy to get that Signatur Flea or Tim Commerford sound if you play hard but once you play softly it sounds gentle not obnoxious at all. The aktive sound is a little brighter the passive mode.

    A little history of SKC Bogart.
    The company was founded in the early 80s. They made there own line of instruments and produced the graphite necks for other German bass brands like Schack and Clover.
    Bogart stopped making basses in around 1996 because of health issues of Stephan Heß.
    In 2009 the Bogart Brand was relaunched.

    A Bogart bass is really good bargain if you want a bass with a graphite neck. It’s a good alternative to Staus, Zon and modulus. They have a way shorter wait time the other brands, if you want something special that is a not available as a regular custom option Stephan Heß is willing to try it and if it’s possible, he is in general a top bloke and very helpful in anyway.

    I’ve been in his show room two years ago and I had the chance to try plenty of his basses.

    In overall I only can recommend SKC Bogart basses.
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    Dec 12, 2017
    Yea I had to re do it
    Should hopefully work now
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    Sep 12, 2011
    The Garden State
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    Dec 12, 2017
    If anyone want more pictures just let me know. I gladly will supply them.
  6. gigetto


    Sep 25, 2019
    Good bass? I've discovered this brand casually and the price are not bad too...materials and construction seems good what's about the weight?