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  1. Hey gang,

    I know this is a cheap lil' bass... but, for me, it is one of my DREAM set ups... in a super cheap form!! My favorite body shape is the Mosrite and Univox/eastwood Hi-Flyer... and my favorite pickup style is a P.... so... I'M IN LOVE WITH IT!

    I went on a weekend tour this past weekend, and while out i stumbled uppon this bass for $80, so i snagged it! Here are the craigslist pics:


    I'll take better pics when i get a chance... i LOVE the sparkle blueburst, and the neck is much better than i would have thought for a bass this cheap... P width, but a tad shallower and the finnish is so minute, it's REALLY fast.

    Now, i need to figgure out what strings i wanna put on it to make it sing, then do a set-up (though the set up really isn't that bad right now)... and i need to pick up a battery to check out this integrated chorus!!

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    love it
  3. i saw sven pipien from the black crowes playing one of those the other day and couldn't figure out what it was. now i know. thanks! very cool looking, would love to play around with one.
  4. Oh word! That's cool. Looking around on Google immages, they also made a sparkle cherry-burst finish as well that looks awesome!

    The seller swore that it's a US made Dano. But i'm not really knowledgable at ALL when it comes to this company, but if it is... all the sweeter!
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    It's imported.
    Sold a blue sparkle and kept the black one; both were well set up and needed nothing.
    Super great lightweight bass with a built in chorus that sounds amazingly like a 70's Fender (inspite of the semi hollow body).
    Do you like the tone better in passive or with the buffered setting (and no chorus)?
  6. Awesome info! Thanks! Is the black a solid black, or is it also sparkle? What strings do you use on yours?

    I got it with no battery installed. I got home from a 7 hour drive last night and only mannaged a 15ish minute noodling session before i passed out, haha. So with that short time in the passive setting i dug it! Granted, the strings are crappy, but with the tone knob at about 50% it was REALLY nice... especially considering the semi-hollow body, which when i played other Dano's made for a really trebbly tone.

    Tonight i'll be testing the battery installed tone... haha now my expectations are high for the chorus! :D

    FWIW: I know image is lame and all... but i play power-pop and the aesthetics of this bass are PERFECT for me. Really stoaked on the find!
  7. that's so cool! when I first started playing bass and it got to the point that I wanted to get my own bass (I was borrowing one up to that point) the rumor was at the top of the list--granted it lost out to a fretless MIM jazz, but i still want one!
  8. Thanks! I don't blame you for your final descision. If you find one, it'll be a really nice compliment to the MiM jazz (as will ANY sort of P).

    After some research (http://www.epinions.com/review/Danelectro_Rumor_Electric_Bass_Guitar/content_305699327620), i found it to be made in Korea. While not as cool as being an MiA bass... my ATK is made in Korea, and it's AWESOME. So, i have no real complaint there :D
  9. So i went home last night with a battery in hand... and after a few hours of pleying around and setting it up... i LOVE this bass.

    My favorite setting is hooked up through the active jack with the chorus disengaged. Thought it HAS a P pickup... it's not a whole lot of other P basses i've played.... which is GOOD! I have a T20 and an SX p/j, and since i bought the Dano out of aesthetics, i was kind of expecting some redundancies. However... in the active jack it kind of sounds like a mix between a P and my ATK. A lot more biting than a regular pickup... but warmer than my ATK or any MM Stingray i've played.

    Now, i'm not going to say that this bass is 'OMG so much better than basses 20x the price i paid for it'. It's still a semi-hollow bass with a plywood body. However, the neck is incredible and the body finish is very well done. The tone knob is also actually pretty darn responsive... at least moreso than i would have expected for this bass. I also LIKE the light-weightedness of it. I've spent years playing basses like my ATK, T20 and a T40... and this thing feels like a feather in compairison.

    Now, the integrated chorus... It's definetly cool. It's a bit of a bummer that it can not be tweaked in any way (save opening up the body and doing some re-wiring). But, anyone hip to Dano's track-record with choruses know that they have good tone. The integrated one is no exception. I'll have to wait for friday for band practice to see if it's in any way useable...

    So... long story short: I feel like i made out like a bandit by snagging this for $80. Shoot... i probably would have spend up to $250-$300 and not felt like i would have been totally ripped off. Totally a rad bass that has its own sound and is a lot of fun to play. Haha, i fully plan on using it at a show this saturday... so stay tuned for possible 'in-action' shots....
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    I realize this thread is long since dead... but a similar thing just happened to me.

    This past weekend, my gf wanted to buy a new acoustic guitar (she's sold two of them in the past... don't ask me why). We went to a local pawn shop to look and she found a Takamine that she really liked. Meanwhile, I was perusing the basses and came across a black Danelectro Rumor. To kill some time, I asked if I could check it out. The clerk happily obliged and I plugged her in. The thing had a dead battery (which he replaced with one from a pedal)... and it was dustier than all get out... but appeared to be in good shape under the dust. I thought it would be a novelty instrument... but surprisingly... I really liked it!!!

    Long story short... I made him an offer and walked out of the store with a new (used) bass. I gave it a good cleaning and now it shines like new. It still needs a new set of strings... and I need to find a case for it... but overall I'm really pleased. :)

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    Danos get a bum rap from some people, but every one i have played has had tone for days and great playability. I have a Jackson Kelley guitar, a MIA telecaster guitar and a Dano 63 guitar, and the Dano sounds way way better then the other two and gets 90% of my playing time. If I run across a Dano 63 short scale bass I will be buying it.

    Congrats on discovering Danelectro!
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    Thanks! I actually got a smokin deal on a Danelectro U2 guitar a couple years back. Needless to say... I was impressed, so I was curious about their basses.

    So... why don't we have a Dano Owners Club on TB? Maybe I should start one?
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    Happy NBD! Definitely cooler than a straight P copy. I quite like those late-'90s retro reissue instruments. Squire brought out the Venus line, Dearmond reissued some '60s designs and Danelectro resurfaced. What set them apart from the originals is the weirder finishes, and your blue sparkle is no exception!