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  1. hi everyone, it's been a long time, but it's my turn to play the NBD game!

    It actually goes back about two years prior to when I played a DeeDee Ramone sig bass at a gig owned by the headlining act, and it was absolutely perfect. After digging around, I've found the PB-70 Crafted in Japan models to be very close. This one is a 2007 model, and nice.

    I found one on eBay, looked it over through the pictures, and pulled the trigger. About a day later I get an email outside of eBay saying that bass had sold about four months prior at his shop in Osaku Japan, and he was apologizing that somehow the add on eBay didn't get taken down. He then stated he would either refund the money, or if I was interested, he could send another PB-70 he had which was almost identical, with about 100 dollars off, due to the mistake on his part. Initially I though scam, but after looking the pictures he had sent, the bass like even better than the one I had purchased. I told him I was interested, but only if the transaction was still through eBay. He understood, and agreed.

    He sent the bass expedited, and it got to my home in about three days. From this point I'll let the pictures talk.

    The bass came nicely packaged and quickly shipped from Japan. Three days including customs. I was pretty impressed. It wasn't due until the 27th.


    The box wasn't beat up, and no rattle sounds, so I opened it up. It was nicely padded with interesting newsprint and bubble wrap. I could tell these guys had shipped internationally before.


    Multiple layers of bubble wrap make me a happy camper!


    Triple bubble on the ends!


    Seems a gig bag is under all that bubble wrap. I'm starting to get excited!


    One more bubble wrap for the road.....
    Gig bag is brand new, not the most expensive, but it looks good and the bass fits.

    Getting closer, and more bubble wrap! This guy is my new best friend!


    Cutting back the wrap, I lay eyes on the bass, and an added nice touch is the origami swan! I love the little touch! Very nice.

    The bass is in very nice shape for a 2007. It's a player, so there are scratches and a few bumps, but it will be on many a stage getting its licks in as well.
    I think it's beautiful.

    The Oly white paint has started to yellow a bit, the tuners and bridge are a little aged, so the pantina is about perfect.

    Daddy likes. The strings still needed to be tuned to pitch, but the frets looked good and no cracks or any other issues on the neck.

    The bass has either had a fret job, (my guess) or the frets are much smaller than my '85 MIJ I own. As they were perfect without wear, my guess is it's had a good fret dress as of late. After tuning the strings to pitch, it really plays well. I don't think I will even have to tweak the truss rod, which suprises me. The neck feels a lot like my '85, not to fat, but fills the hand. I'm not a pro on fender neck sizes, so I'm not sure of what profile it would be. The best I can describe is a touch more flat and full as opposed to round and full. Some of the actual 70's basses were really thick in the neck. This one isn't, and a nice balance between thin and thick.

    The strings are new, but not my brand. I will get a set on soon for the final setup. So far I'm very happy with the "gamble" I took with this bass.
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    Jul 30, 2018
    Love that white, great bass!
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    Dec 15, 2013
    Nice risk you took there. Great looking bass have fun with it
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  4. I’ve always been a fan of the quality of Japanese guitars, and this is no different. Smooth lines, solid build, and flawless neck. The tuners are a little hard to turn, but I can fix that with a little anti seize compound, makes them turn smoothly
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    May 10, 2018
    The Great PNW!!
    It's nice when a seller goes the extra mile! Enjoy!
  6. I say risk but it really wasn't. As the transaction was still through eBay, if I wouldn't have been happy I would have got my money back, no questions asked. I feel the seller, whom does have a business in Japan, was genuinely embarrassed about the mixup, and really went the extra mile to satisfy me as a buyer. The bass I got was every bit as nice as the one I had originally bought, so definitely I felt good about the deal. The only thing that threw me was he initially got ahold of me via email, as opposed to eBay. Once he said he had no reservations about completing the transaction through eBay, I felt it was on the up and up.
  7. Absolutely! In fact that was one of the nicest transactions I've had through eBay. I feel the seller was genuinely interested in making the deal the best he could.
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    Sep 14, 2017
    These are my all time favourite basses...jealous!
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  9. MCF


    Sep 1, 2014
    Nice! Beautiful. And good on the seller to do what it took to make it right with you. Three days from Japan. Pretty cool.
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    Mar 22, 2018
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    Great story, great bass, great complement to that black beauty bass of yours :thumbsup:
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    Bass is nice, but that box is KILLER! I love the Japanese markings on it. Shhhhhha-weeeeet
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  12. Moose22


    Apr 14, 2019
    I love both the bass and the seller here. Good score, and I'm glad this guy did you right.

    I've noticed that packaging and wrapping is often very tidy with Japanese goods I've bought. I see that it doesn't just extend to stationery! Obviously cultural, but I'm good with it.
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    Aug 26, 2018
    Gorgeous bass. Do you mind sharing who the seller is? Or their eBay business? They definitely know how to treat their customers. I would like to see what else they have for sale.
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    Aug 3, 2016
    Nice, JG! Congrats! Glad your story had a happy ending! The origami swan is cool, as well. I wouldn't toss it...

    ... karma, and all.
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    Feb 7, 2005
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    White with a black guard always screams late 70s and early 80s to me (in a good way). Great looking bass. Glad it worked out.
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    Apr 16, 2019
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    There was a TVs programme in the UK called 'Four Rooms' in which four collectors had a room each and a member of the public brought an interesting item in and visited one room at a time, the idea being to sell the item to the collector in that room. He only had four goes to get the price he was after, if he hadn't sold it by the fourth room he took it back home with him. On one episode the seller brought the actual P bass that yours is copied off, the Ramones were playing the Brixton Academy if I remember correctly and Dee Dee broke a string and passed the bass into the audience, the lucky punter then made a sharp exit. The bass had a red scratchplate, not black, and he didn't manage to sell it, the best offer being £1,200. Sorry I don't have a link but 'Four Rooms' Dee Dee Ramone bass might get you the episode online
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    Jul 29, 2016
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    This is great info. Thank you so much.
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  18. Here you go. Spp-international

    The gentleman's name is Tomohiro

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  19. Nope! It officially has a place displayed in my collection of "interestings and oddities" I've collected over years of being a touring musician.
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  20. Man I would have been all over that bass...