NBD - Sterling SUB Stingray 5

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  1. Wow this bass really sounds great, much better than what I could imagine. My main bass is a 1990 EBMM Stingray 5 I bought new. I have a 1995 MIM passive Jazz bass 5 as a backup. I have the USA Stingray 5 dialed in so good now that the Jazz just doesn't cut it anymore so I was wanting to get a second Stingray 5 for outdoor gigs and just a change of pace and look. I tried a used EBMM Stingray 5 at a Guitar Center about nine months ago and then tried the SUB 5 and both myself and my wife thought they sounded the same in a quick comparison. So I ordered one from MF with 15% Memorial Day discount and got a couple sets of Rotosounds Stainless Steel strings. I got the bass put the Rotos on, tightened the truss rod a quarter turn, and had to lengthen all the strings to get the intonation and it sounded good through my Rumble 25 at home. At band practice 2 days later I ran it through a Peavey Mark III and a makeshift 1X15 and it sounded deep and solid so I was really looking forward to playing a back-to-back Saturday and Sunday in the same tiki bar to hear how it sounds through the QSC KW153 pa speakers and it sounds great - big, deep, tight tone. Don't miss the selector switch that I always had on series on the EBMM Stingray 5. Needed a little extra treble for the occasional string pops, so I boosted the treble 5 db on my Zoom B1. Looking forward to this weekend with a tough room on Friday with a few reflections that makes it tough to dial in good sound, but then a nice tight sounding room on Saturday and then back to the tiki on Sunday. The Satin Trans Blue finish is not too fancy and the fretboard appears to be Jatoba, but from a few feet away it looks fine and it sounds great and it is at least a pound lighter than the USA Ray. (The Sterling website says Jatoba though it is still listed as rosewood on MF website. I looked at the three instruments that I own that have rosewood and they don't look like the SUB.) That Sterling SUB Ray can really give my USA Ray a run for the money. Got a photo from my Sunday gig with my five-piece classic rock band.
    new bass 1.jpg new bass 2.jpg marc bass blue.jpg
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    Is this the one made in Indonesia or China? The SUB5 I have seen here in Mexico have different labels, the SUB logo is very big and yours is in small letters.