NBD: StingRay Old Smoothie + low-mid question

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Kerem Koseoglu, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. In my current power trio rock project, it became evident that I will fill the bottom & top end and leave the mids to the guitar player. May be unusual for some, but that's the result of our tonal experiments.

    I know that StingRay's are fit for this purpose, so I went to the shop to try some. The Classic they had was good, but had a bad E-string with fluctuating intonation across the board; which didn't get better in spite of the local Luthier spending almost 2 hours on it - lowering the pickup, re-installing saddles, changing strings, doing setup and whatnot. Weird.

    Meanwhile, I played and fell in love with the Old Smoothie; which has the StingRay DNA with a little less aggression. That matches my taste and works wonderfully for the scooped sound I was aiming for; especially with overdrive.

    So here I am, with yet another NBD post!

    I have a question for StingRay experts though:

    ❓If I need more mids for an alternative style of music (jazz, blues, classic rock); I figured that I can do that by keeping the onboard bass & treble close to 50% (adjusting to taste) and boosting 450Hz & 900Hz slightly on my EQ pedal. Does that seem OK to you, or do you have any further suggestions?

    It obviously doesn't sound like a P-Bass or something, but occupies a similar frequency range - if I'm not mistaken.

    For those who have read so far, here is some eye-candy.

    IMG_4274.jpg IMG_4285.jpg
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  2. two fingers

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    Nice bass!

    As for your EQ questions, yeah simply leave the EQ on the bass at flat and use your ears on the EQ pedal and/or amp.
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  3. byoung93888


    Sep 29, 2011
    Asheville, NC
    Nice, congrats!
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