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  1. Well, the Christmas season is over and I have come out with less energy and more basses! I managed to be pretty lucky in gift cards received from relatives and saved up money. I bought a Mint condition 2014 PRS SE Kestrel in Metallic Red and traded for an ESP LTD D4 that needed some love.
    2F181BB9-C7A7-4522-B47F-3D6BB84B45DE.jpeg 9C670DB6-8657-46F6-BA3B-0EC2A59D1A7B.jpeg 93454BD3-5F26-4849-8683-4F37D7B82D93.jpeg BE943FF7-9513-426A-B327-C268EC4D277F.jpeg 5D60270D-A963-472A-8A22-15E90BDBA2B9.jpeg 95E5F490-5F66-4A0D-84C7-0AB95009DA36.jpeg C6592E18-179D-4987-9046-843985285F38.jpeg 7A378F9F-3B58-4D3A-ADFB-6051F1009FF6.jpeg
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  2. The Kestrel came in with no problems whatsoever, that being said, the D4 needed some love. It was strung with the nastiest red-coated strings I've ever felt and was both grimy and greasy. Nothing a little cleaner couldn't fix, but it still amazes me how some people will mistreat such expensive things. Along with the mess, the strap holes were both stripped and the hardware is fogged up and somewhat rusty. I filled in and re-drilled the strap holes and managed to at least clean the top grime off the hardware. I might throw some new knobs on the ESP at least, but both basses have extremely sturdy bridges and amazing neck-through construction. I fitted them both with GHS boomers and added a fret wrap to the ESP since I intend to use it with my college jazz/funk band. Best of all, I traded a 2x12 guitar amp hardcase and an old acoustic guitar to my CCM band's guitarist for the ESP. Both of my offers only cost me altogether $40 from different garage sales. Very proud of my flip for profit. Both basses play quite well, and I've learned how much I like to play with high straps too, I tend to have much more stability and control.
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    it's a twofer! nice axes and very nice work, both in the 'getting' and the 'fix-up'! and of course, it's always nice to have great playing options. ;)

    they both look like they can stand the work --- congratulations on your new instrument! :thumbsup:

    and congratulations on your other new instrument! :thumbsup:
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  4. Thank you very much! They're both quite a blast to play.
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