NBD:Yamaha ATX Jr. Guitar Conversion

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    Here's another short scale guitar to sub-short scale bass conversion I had done by Eric's Guitar in Van Nuys, CA. It's 23" scale, my bass sweet spot. I bought Gotoh black tuning pegs, Aquila Thundergut poly strings to match the binding, and had Eric add an on/ff switch for the preamp so I can leave the cable plugged in and not have the battery die prematurely. All in it cost $447.

    Yamaha burst 1024.jpg On-Off switch 700.jpg
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    I like it!

    Looking at the pictures, is it really as "simple*" as changing the tuners, nut, and bridge, and finding strings?

    * I realise that this is not simple to do, and requires skills. I mean the steps in themselves are simple.
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    Yes, basically that's all there is to it. So far the only caveat is the pickup is a disc piezo attached to the underside of the top, so every little squeak from the sticky strings can be heard. Aquila now suggests rubbing Windex on the strings to smooth them, I'll try that. (I do prefer Pahoehoe, but the Thunderguts do look good with the binding.)
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    pretty cool! i've really enjoyed seeing your collection of axes and i can see that this one fits right in. congratulations on your new instrument! :thumbsup:
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