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  1. Just picked up a CX210 cab today!

    I've been debating which lightweight 210 to buy for literally years at this point, and finally decided to order a CX210 at Long & McQuade.



    No sooner had I made the decision than one showed up used at the L&M just down the street. Gave it a good testing in the shop, pushing the lows hard because I couldn't turn up too loud. Held up, no farting that I could detect.

    I'm going to give it a good workout at home and jamming out in the next 30 days to decide if I'm keeping it for sure, but early indications are good!

    I'm also renting a Traynor TC210 atm, so this timing is actually great. I plan on A/Bing them extensively. The Traynor is way heavier, but certainly also much more rugged. Really eager to see how they stack up sound and volume-wise.
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    Sep 16, 2017
    Semi related, I could have sworn I had read the TC210 uses Eminence speakers but can't find it anywhere anymore.

    Either way looking forward to your comparison.
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  3. So first notes after an hour of comparison today at low/moderate volume: both cabs sound great, but there are some differences.

    I've tried them both with Streamliner 900 and with a Line 6 HX Stomp. I used the Stomp for amp modeling, eq, and some patches that are all about effects and distortion.

    The GK definitely has what I think could be described as more old school character. That is, it has a slightly huskier, dampened sound relative to the Traynor. It's still, however, very articulate even with the horn turned off. This cab has serious baked-in mojo, and so far I prefer it for rock and metal tones. The Mesa 400+ model on the Stomp sounds especially badass through this cab.

    The Traynor has a big sound. It's not afraid of lows, but has what I think could be described as a clearer, or perhaps more transparent tone. I prefer this cab for heavily distorted tones and/or patches with alot of effects. There's a desirable clarity to the distortion that I can't seem to get from the GK.

    All this is just at moderate volume with a small amount of experimentation so far though. I'll be A/Bing them some more at higher volumes in the coming weeks. I'll report back as I discover more.
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