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  1. That's right! NEW CAST DAY!!!! Yay!

    It's been eight weeks and three days since I broke my left wrist and forearm. (The day after I got my Godin A4 Fretless back from getting set up)

    Today, they took off the cast, and put on a new Half-Cast that lets my fingers move, and I CAN TAKE IT OFF!!!

    My fingers can't stretch far, and they get tired really fast, but I can play again. I'm trying some stretching exercises on my guitar, and I'm planing on trying the bass next. Any recommendations on how to get my left hand back in shape quickly? I had my first PT session today, and they want me to work on anything that will help with range of motion.

    What would you do? What do you think would be the best instrument to start off with? (Please recommend a stand-up bass, because I really want one of those)
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    Congrats !!! I would start with some warm salt baths after you have played for awhile how does that Godin A4 sound?
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    Stand up bass - -there you go!
    Just do what the therapist suggests. Don't rush anything. You'll be back to your old self soon
  4. The A4 sounds awesome! I had it setup, and while they were at it, I had them put on a set of D'adario nylon tape wounds. The owner of the shop confessed to me that it quickly became the favorite bass of all the employees, and they didn't put it down the whole time it was there.

    I've been putting a heat wrap on my hand before I do stretching or try to play.

    My old self with a stand up bass! I'll tell the wife that it was the recommendation of the experts on the board... Thanks!