Need advice for my first 5 stringed

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  1. Hallo all. Im glad I have found this forum, it looks cool :D

    Im a bass player who have started out on a 4 string and now want to move to a 5 stringer for the extra low reach without sacrificing the G string.

    Im looking for a bass for playing fast metal. I play fingerstyle and basically want a sound with max attack and maybe a bit of growl! :bassist:

    I have found 8 basses that I would like to have some comments on :help: (prices are what my local danish stores sell these basses for at the moment):

    1. ESP LTD B-255. Price 800$.
    This bass has a Neck-thru-body construction which generally gives more sustain. It also has a string-thru-body bridge. Is this supposted to have a positive effect to sustain as well?

    2. ESP LTD F-255. Price 870$.
    Has a Neck-thru-body construction according to, but a sales person at my local store said it just looks that way and that the neck is actually glued on. Which is true??

    3. Ibanez BTB405QM. Price 800$

    4. Ibanez SR765. Price 890$

    5. Ibanez SRX505. Price 820$

    6. Spector NS2000-5. Price 1510$

    7. Yamaha BB 2005. Price 2130$

    8. Yamaha RBX 775. 620$

    What would be a good pick in your opinion, considering prices and my taste in sound? The Yamaha BB 2005 is a bit above my price range. I think I will spend 1750$ max, but if you got a suggestion for a bit more expensive bass you can still tempt me! ;)
  2. Another thing to consider when purchasing a five string: your amp. I don't know what you have, but you might want to change you cabs to better handle the B string. If that is the case, I would recommend the Dean Edge series. I've had mine for a little over two years now, and while I have had the opportunity to upgrade, I never felt like I needed to, very nice basses. Plus, the price (series runs from like $400-600, and all are nice) would leave room in your budget to upgrade your amp should the need arise. There is quite a bit of info on Dean basses here, so do a search if you want.
  3. I forgot to say that out of the choices listed I like the Spector the best.
  4. ok thanks rockapede :cool: I will consider that after I get the bass though. I need another paycheck first hehe and maybe my current gear can manage it anyway.

    I havent had a chance to try the Spector out yet. The only one I have tried so far is the ESP LTD B-255 which I liked for its ease of playability. Im hoping to try the Spector and some of the other basses by the end of this week.

    At 620$, the Yamaha RBX 775 seems like a nice deal to me. Any comments on this or my other listings? :)