Need advice on Bergantino cab

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  1. I am thinking of purchasing a Bergantino HT112ER. Anybody using one of these for UB. I have an iAMP800. Was wondering if anybody has tried the newer ER version and if you had any feedback or comparisons on it. I would like to use it also for both EB and UB. Tom Bowlus has said some very nice things about the ER series and I was wanting some other gigging guys to comment before I threw out the cash. I live in an area where there aren't any "bass specific" stores. I have read countless reviews. I already have DRBass 2460 coming and I own an old EAW 1 15 cab. So that takes care of that "stack" if you know what i mean. I'm looking for a one hand lift cab and this looks like it might be the one.
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    Feb 12, 2007
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    You just can't go wrong with Bergantino my man, they are as good as cabs get. I have two older HT112's and they have a fantastic tone. Excellent for acoustic bass. I use a couple of other Bergantino rigs as well and have never been dissatisfied. Good luck!
  3. Do you find that you are using the 12's more as singles or more as a pair?