[need help-again] EBMM Stingray 35 - 2 Humbuckers Wiring Diagram

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  1. James Beard

    James Beard

    Jul 28, 2021
    33B0FF44-36CC-45FE-B83C-35AA5CC931A5.jpeg Hello there..

    Few months ago I posted a thread [Help] Musicman Stingray HH Wiring Diagram , and a Good Guy - Lavaxtris gave me A superswitch wiring diagram for HH combination.. I tried that wiring diagram, but doesn’t work on my bass.. and then I Found this diagram (picture attached) made by musicman’s but thats for the HS pickups combination..

    is there anyone here can help me to give a best advice how to do the wiring for HH combination, with same preamps that used on EBMM Stingray 35 (MC054W series)? is that the same pickup wiring placement on the super switch?

    I’m using the GNL pickups with 4 wire (Green, White, Black, and Yellow) and 5 way oak grigsby superswitch..

    the wiring from preamps to output jack and battery is no problemo.. but, got confused how to attach the other wire from preamps near to volume pots (grey, blue, yellow, brown) and the yellow and black wire near the treble pots.. Plus I want add dpdt switch to switch between active and passive ✌️✌️

    Thankss !!
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