need help with guitar rig / sound card

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    Nov 2, 2000
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    I downloaded the demo of guitar rig. I hear a very loud high pitch noise similar to feedback. I can use it with cubase as a plug in no problem but I can't use it in real time with my guitar. I can hear the feedback even if my guitar is not pluged. I email guitar rig and this is what they answer:

    It seems that quite possibly the inputs are either swapped or that the levels are set so high that there is a feedback signal. Check the M-Audio control panel. Has there been any configuration of the ‘Audio and Midi setting’? It is possible that the default soundcard is set to the built-in device or interface, or maybe the mic input is set really high or you are using a built-in mic. I would need to speak with you about your system and your settings in order to give a more precise response.

    I have an M-audio 24/96 sound card. It seem like I tried every thing with my sound card. I could post some print screen of my settings of my m-audio card if needed.
    I downloaded amplitube uno and I have the same problem. So the problem is somewhere in the computer...

    I've been trying to figure out the proble for the last few days....

    Thank you