Need Help With Learning a Bass Line

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  1. LoveTheBassMan


    Oct 17, 2008
    Hopefully, I'm posting this in the right area on the site. Can someone please provide a little assistance with playing this Funk song from the 80's. I can't seem to figure out the correct intervals that this bass line consists of and it's frustrating. The first part sounds like chromatic notes but when I try to play it on the bass it sounds nothing like the song. I feel so lost. Thanks for your help.

    The song is "Here's To You" by Skyy

  2. I like the bass line. What form of information would be most helpful? Standard notation? Tab? The names of the notes?
  3. LoveTheBassMan


    Oct 17, 2008
    Hi LeeNunn, thanks for responding to my message. I guess the name of the notes or tab would suffice. What advise would you give for someone like myself that is trying to develop my ears? I really struggle with learning songs. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.
  4. It's in E, but I had to tune the recording up 60 cents. The low open E string gives it away. I've never learned tab, but maybe someone else can help out. The first bass note is an F. Then it's mostly the E on the A string, the G on the D string, and the A, B, and open E on the E string. The fourth measure of the bass line has a little fill that starts on the D of the G string, then D#, E, then A, A#, and B on the D string. I hope this gets you started.

    In terms of advice, I echo most of the advice you'll get on this forum. If a teacher is available to you, take advantage of that. Even a handful of lessons will help avoid bad habits. There's a great thread here on TalkBass on getting started. If a teacher isn't available, start learning theory so that the notes make sense. Some people swear by YouTube videos.

    If you really want to learn songs by ear, specialized software helps. You'll see lots of opinions that too. The choices include ASD (Amazing Slow Downer), Transcribe!, and Audacity. The software allows you to tune the recording to your bass (as I had to do with Here's To You), loop sections, slow it down, adjust EQ, etc. You'll have to use MP3 files instead of YouTube links.

    You'll get all kinds of advice on developing your ear. I find that methodically learning songs (with the help of software) is one of the best ways to recognize intervals and rhythmic patterns. Learning theory helps you understand what you're hearing.

    Best of luck to you!