need intermediate level book recomendations

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  1. most books i see starts from the scratch and deal with the basics now i am not looking for that. I've been playing bass for about four years and have done grade2 level classical guitar before that. i am looking for a comprehensive bass guitar book which could help an average bass player who plays in a band and writes songs and stuff; not looking for a technique book either.
    the music i mostly play and listen to is rock, blues and a bit of funk. please suggest some books which would be useful to me.

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    A good theory book and a stack of CD's to start transcribing and analyzing, that's intermediate level.
  3. which book would you say? yes i need to really start transcribing, ear training is something i never paid attention to. have started with garry willi's ultimate ear training book though
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    Theory books there have been lots of threads on so I would check those out. The MI series of books has a good basic theory book by Carl Schroeder. For ear training there are a few websites with online testing software. Again have been many threads with links to ear training sites.

    A good thing to do is once you know enough theory and know scale degrees is to sing bass lines you know. That helps relate ear to sounds you are already know.
  5. thanks, knowing some little theory and scales is what is helping me a lot thanks to the classical guitar i had studied earlier :)
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    I really like the material Dr William Fowler used to put in his downbeat magazine column (raised some fine musicians in his family too); I think its been assembled in a book. Good enough ideas, examples and illustrations, and insight into the thought behind it all to help one get a Zappa-like grip on the materials.

    Unlike some material I didn't find it unnecessarily pedantic - he seems to go deep but with a mindset toward practical application.
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    I just got Mike Levy's Blues play-along book, and I like the way he writes out some lines and leaves it to the student to figure out the embellishments. Very cool intermediate book, I'll write a more detailed review shortly.

    Link to the book. Check it out and download a free sample.
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    Good intro to theory book.

    The key once past beginner stage is seat time with a metronome, some sort of recorder, and a notebook to take notes and track your progress. Every theory element you learn spend three times as much time trying to put it into use on your instrument. Every bass line, progression, or solo you transcribe spend time analyzing so you know why you like or don't like it, this builds your resource of ideas. Find someone to just sit and play with another bass player, KB, or ??? Getting to sit with someone you know and try ideas and critic each other is great learning tool. Plus do lots of listening and not just to the styles you like listen to all music and try to hear why people like it. But most important remember to have fun.
  9. thanks, that was really a great post! i am going to keep all this in mind.

    important and urgent: my Canadian friend who is getting me books (nothing available here in India) couldn't not find the MI theory book so i need other recommendations on which other theory book to go for. preferably something which is popular, common, and easy to find.
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    Here are a few links that I've found useful and hope you will as well. Some may not be at your level but I leave them in and let you be the judge. Some go outside of learning theory and delve into music in general which I also leave in because, IMO, they're pretty interesting.

    Good luck.

    Must reads: If I only knew then... Best musical advice Things every bassist should know "Feel"

    Learning stuff How to practice bass How to practice bass Creating bass lines Creating bass lines - Target Approach Playing behind/ahead of the beat

    Theory Xlnt visual Beginning Music Theory (Power Point lessons), ear trainer, chord calc., more Downloadable program for learning the bass clef. (as recommended by AlphaMale) print flashcards for learning bass clef, print staff paper Key signatures/Circle of 5ths/Cycle of 4ths Learn to read music Learn to read music Improve site reading Read bass clef Using modes Learning modes Intro to scale and chord theory Learning Theory TB Gen. Instruction Theory links list Theory (from the DB side of TB)

    Books and instructional materials Books, DVDs, all styles and methods Looking for the Bass "Bible" MarlowDK's recommended books "Best" theory/harmony book Walking bass lines Theory Books Links

    Software for transcribing/slowing down songs/Looping software/metronome,etc. Transcribing software Slow down software Slow down software Free music software thread

    Styles Blues Turn arounds Blues Progressions explained with samples Learning Latin music Learning to play jazz Jazz Scales

    Free online lessons Dman has videos Who's the best youtube bass teacher? Complete bass studies including online metronome, fretboard printer, bass clef tutor and more. Tab based lessons by members for members covering all types of bass instruction. with MarlowDK including videos. includes beginners' guide/lessons, tech advice, fingerboard drills, bass sound files, playing tips, a Q&A, links & more. Online bass course (5 day free trial) Free and paid lessons

    Online study of music theory/ear training. Check out the tutorials, exercises and reference dictionary Ear training Test your ear

    College music So you want to be a music major in college Solfege Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary (great for music theory terms)

    Funk it up Funk, groove and R&B bass players
  11. thanks a lot Stumbo for putting it all together in one post. i have already gone through most of the TB threads you posted, i have found some theory material to read and learn and am getting the bass methods complete book. maybe the building walking bass lines too. so is really more than enough for now. untill i get the books am just planning on going through some of the stuff from the books i already have
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    Varunkapahi (and others):

    I've written five bass books for Hal Leonard, which you may find helpful:

    FUNK BASS, my first book, deals exclusively with slapping;

    FUNK/FUSION BASS, my second book, focuses on finger-style funk.

    ROCK BASS, my third book, traces the evolution of rock (and rock bass lines and solos) from the '50s through the '90s;

    BLUES BASS, my fourth book, covers the evolution of blues (and blues bass lines and solos) from the Delta, New Orleans, Chicago, West Coast, etc.

    BASS GROOVES: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION, is my brand new book, scheduled for release at the January 2009 NAMM Show. It's chock full of bass grooves in just about any style you'll ever need: blues, jazz, rock, funk/R&B, reggae, country, latin and much more. Will Lee, who wrote the foreword, says it's "the most important book since Standing in the Shadows of Motown!"

    I hope I can be of help to you and your bass playing. Contact me anytime if I can be of help. Thanks!

    Jon Liebman
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    Jon that book sounds interesting, I will keep my eye out for it.

    Varunkapahi, I usaully reccomend The Bass Bible by Paul Westwood as a good intermediate book, for similar reasons. Its a very useful guide to styles of bass from around the world, including specific "in the style of" sections profiling a few greats. also a good section on typical chord progressions, some advanced harmonics, and some basic theory.

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    Thanks, mambo4!
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    Hey Jon, that Bass Grooves book looks very interesting.
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    Nov 12, 2008
    Thanks, RedsFan! I'll let you (and everyone else) know when it comes out.

    Jon Liebman
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    Hey, mambo4, RedsFan75 and the rest of you who asked. I'm responding to let you know that my newest Hal Leonard book, BASS GROOVES: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION, is now available (and really cheap!) on my new website.

    Check out and let me know what you think.


    Jon Liebman