Need to buy new rig ASAP! Looking :(

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  1. So, some circumstances have shifted and I now have $500 to put into a rig that's loud and gigable. I'm not really sure where to start. Definitely looking used, even on the "beat to hell" side of used. Tubes are always a plus (but I realize very unlikely at this price point). lots of clean headroom is not necessary. In fact some break up is preferred so I don't need like 1000watts hahaha. I'm running a 50w Marshall plexi superlead (yes a super lead not a superbass) into a POS Acoustic B410 currently. This set-up has served me well in terms of volume and I like the amount of break-up it has (running it jumped from channel 2 back to 1 and both channels on about 3). Unfortunately, that head was on loan and the cab is all but destroyed (from a previous user) and I need something else now. I was looking at a Hartke HA3500 into a SWR Goliath III but really don't know at all. Weird, "off brands" are always welcome. Thanks so much you guys!! I'm looking in Eugene and Portland so if any of you know of anything local that would be awesome too. I'd need it by this Friday or Saturday ideally. Thanks again!!! OH!!! and style of music is heavy psych rock/stoner rock and guitarist is running a Fender Vibroking (3x10 combo, 60 watts) pretty much dimed, just to give you guys an idea of how loud I'm dealing with. THanks again!!!
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    Try a location search for Oregon in the Amps forum Click Here

    Hope that helps.
  3. Peavey, definitely.
  4. Craigslist is super helpful but I don't even know what I'm looking for. I was hoping to get a little guidance in terms of what to look for in that price range AND also wondering if anyone local has any offerings. I need this rig on short notice BUT I do have a couple days to do some research (And not a lot else to do hahaha) and could potentially hunt down something specific.
  5. Sounds like a story where Peavey is the punchline.
  6. So you guys would NOT recommend the HA3500 or the Goliath III??
  7. The Hartke HA3500 is a decent amp head. My opinion of the Goliath does not likely fallow the bulk of people here which is a pass.
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    Search for vintage acoustic heads 220 & 370 come to mind, their cabs are also usually pretty low priced and sound huge.

    Try Hartke lh500 & lh 1000, clean loud head room you can add pedals to get that fuzz or dirt.

    Find anything from Sunn.

    Search for folded horns if you're doing big outdoor stuff.

    Aguilar TH500 or 350 if you can find used.

    You're looking for at least a 4x10 if you're a 10's guy or a 2x15. You're describing big loud and gigable. 4x10 from Mesa, ampeg or like carvin.

    You're running a Marshall 1987 superlead right?

    poopie man... I'd sell the cab and just be looking for a bigger and better designed cabinet with solid speakers, that head will get you there with dirt and old school loud tone. Pretty desirable I'd say. Maybe that's just me.

    Edit: Oh man just read the head was on loan. Bummer dude.

    In your situation I'd find a hartke rig for sure those 4x10 cabs go for pretty cheap, the XL series, with one of their heads. An acoustic head could push that cab pretty good with some stoner rock vibe for sure.

    I ran an acoustic 220 through a hartke 410xl at the house of blues in hollywood and poopie was loud and broke up real nice. My amp, backline cab. They wouldnt let me use the 215 because it was too big and scared them.

    GK 410 would be cool BLX maybe or something.

    SRW working man cabs.

    Peavey 400, vulcan, 120 century heads are killer can go hard and heavy into like sludge metal and crap.

    Kustom amps and cabs sometimes go cheap and could be a solid rig if you push it hard.

    Defo hit up vintage Sunn's if they're local.
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    *** I have no personal experience with any of this gear. ***

    The HA3500 & Goliath III would work, yes, although if the SWR is an 8-ohm cab, the Hartke's only pumping 250 watts (it puts out 350 RMS @ 4-ohms). Still yes, you'll be fine. What shape are the pieces in? Price?

    The suggested HA3500 & Hartke 215 XL, above, looks good too. The cab is 4-ohms, so it'll get the full 350 watts from the amp. Only downside is that you can't add another cab. You could add another 8-ohm 410 (another Goliath III would be best if you did) to the Goliath III to have an 810. From the pic, this 3500 & 215 look pretty clean. And the price is sure nice (if it is clean & if both are 100% functional). Bet $250 will probably work for the seller. The cab's very heavy (110 lbs.), but whatever you end up with on your budget is almost 100% going to be pretty darned heavy.

    Stay away from 410/115 stacks unless the 410 is 4-ohms, the 115 is 8-ohms, & the amp you use can run at 2-ohms.

    The Carvin is 600 RMS @ 4-ohms in bridged mode (500RMS @ 8-ohms in bridged mode). Don't know which model the 410 is. Both look very clean, though.

    Of these choices, I think I'd probably go Carvin. But I'd want it @ $350. Don't forget that cash is king :D.
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    Hartke 3500 is a workhorse. Loud, reliable and cheap.
  11. And so I says to HIM I says, that's not a peavey, that's my WIFE! ;)

    But seriously though, I couldn't recommend peavey enough either, not that everybody else I'd wrong, they're also putting out great advice, peavey just tends to have low resale value since it's seen as more of a no-name value brand, but it's built like a tank and a great value.
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    If CL is sketchy for you just search Guitar Center's used section. I've seen some stuff there that was criminally cheap. Find something you like, call the store and ask about condition, get it shipped to your door. TB classifieds are good too, but the gear on there is typically a bit more high end stuff, not "good enough" gear.
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    +1 on the vintage Acoustic gear. Criminally undervalued on the used market compared to amps and cabs from the same era. Thank God John Entwistle chose Sunn O))), otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford all these bullet proof amps and cabs. ;-)

    If you do go this route, hold out for a cab with 15's or an 18". Any of the real ACC cabs with 10's and 12's were intended for guitar, not bass.
    Good luck on your search!
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    MF was selling new PF-500's for $259. Older 2X15's can be found all over for $100-200. That's how I'd go.

    I bought a mint looking Peavey MkIV for $60 and an old PV 2X15 for $50. Replacing the two main filter caps restored better than new headroom. Nice, loud rig for $110.

    My Acoustic 370 head was given to me by someone who found it on the curb with the garbage. Works fine.

    I found a Behringer Nuke 3000 for $69 at a pawn shop. Works perfect. Lots of power bridged into 4 ohms. More than I could ever use.

    I love my PF-500.
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    Get the Hartke head and find a beat up 810 fridge on CL cheap. That will get loud enough. Sell the 4x10 as a parts project to add a little to the fund.
  16. +1 Not a bad idea at all.
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    If the pair comes in around $500 used, sure, why not? That head is OK, assuming it is in good used condition, though more power is better. The cab is big and weighs ~100 lbs, but it is loud. 410's have their issues, in my book, but can be workable.
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    Absolutely get the goliath III it is a murderously good cab
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    Goodness I wish I lived in Portland, some of those CL deals are legit.