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New CD + Tour

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [DB]' started by damonsmith, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. damonsmith


    May 10, 2006
    Quincy, MA
    New CD:

    BPA 013 - JUS
    Jacob Lindsay - Ab, Bb, Bass & Contrabass Clarinets
    Ava Mendoza - Guitar
    Damon Smith - 7 String Ergo Bass, lloopp
    Weasel Walter - Percussion

    Liner notes by Christian Weber
    Cover Art by Chelsea Pegram
    Design by Alan Azalone
    Recorded by Scott R. Looney
    Mixed and Mastered by Weasel Walter

    A Track can be heard here:


    More here:


    Jus will be available shortly You can send a paypal for $15 pp to damon@balancepointacoustics.com If you would like one.

    Tour: Germany/Israel/Austria/Belgium

    1-3-08, 9 pm
    H7_Club f├╝r improvisierte Musik, Blinzelbar
    Gr. Bergstr.158, Hamburg
    Liz Albee, trumpet, electronics (Oakland, CA)
    Birgit Ulher, trumpet
    Heiner Metzger, soundtable
    Raed Yassin, electronics (Beirut)
    Michael Maierhof, cello
    Damon Smith, double bass (Oakland, CA)

    8-3-08, 8pm
    Pyramida, Madregot Miller 6, Haifa, Israel
    Damon Smith - double bass
    Birgit Ulher - trumpet
    Adi Snir - soprano & tenor sax, clarinet
    Roni Brenner - guitar
    Michel Mayer - guitar
    Ofer Bymel - drums

    13-3-08, 8pm
    HaTeiva, corner of Salame/Yerushalaim, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel
    Damon Smith - double bass
    Birgit Ulher - trumpet
    24Limbs Orchestra:
    Ariel Shibolet - soprano sax
    Yoni Silver - bass clarinet
    Roni Brenner - guitar
    Michel Mayer - guitar
    Shmil Frenkle - doublebass
    Ofer Bymel - drums

    Tel Aviv Improvised Music Meeting
    Hagada Hasmalit, Echad Ha'am 70, Tel Aviv, Israel
    with Tanaka, Ariel Shibolet, Damon Smith and Birgit Ulher amongst others

    Marco Eneidi

    Not Available , Not Available , Wien 1150
    Cost :

    damon smith - bass, tom zlabinger - bass, andreas menrath - drums, hans falb - turntables, martin siewert - guitar, marco eneidi - alto saxophone Blue Tomato - Vienna

    March 23 Archiduc Brussels, Belgium 9 pm.
    Fred Van Hove - piano
    Peter Jacquemyn, Damon Smith - double basses

    29-3-08, 9pm
    Westwerk, Admiralit├Ątstr.74, Hamburg
    Lise-Lotte Norelius, live-electronics (Stockholm)
    Damon Smith, double bass (Oakland, CA)
    + Nordzucker:
    Birgit Ulher, trumpet
    Lars Scherzberg, saxofon
    Michael Maierhof, cellos

    Damon Smith

    New solo project:

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