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New from Tampa

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by Funkdenomotron, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Funkdenomotron


    Nov 30, 2010
    Greetings and its so hard to sound cool sometimes.

    My name is Eric, I have been playing for.....20 years? NO, 19! Whew, thought I was old, but young still. I started playing a uke when I was 12 in school, my neighbor gave me his old Aria Pro, showed me how rest my thumb on the pick up, and the rest is history. That's the only lesson I have ever had, albeit a good one.
    I've been in a few bands, had a blast, got older and kept playing. Today I am trying to form a new band, there is this whole mess of good musicians in my town, but I have to capture them from their worship bands. I am not religious, at least not in the way that most people in the south are. That has made it very difficult to get together with these guys and girls to make some good tunes. They are very accepting and ready to jam, but I have a hard time with that as I do not want to deceive anyone. However, I do have some nice licks, some nice chops. I play mostly slap, and have discovered some subtleties that exist with that technique that I use often. I would have to say that I defiantly have a style, there is a "roll" to my riffs that you could identify me by. My most impressive lines to bass minded people are probably the fast slap style stuff. I got pretty fast young, it was all metal attack back then, but I added the slap style to hardcore metal.

    I am glad that I never had a lesson other than that mentioned above, and I would suggest the same for any upcoming bass player. There is just something neolithic pure about a man and his tool left to figure each other out. Pure transference of soul I suppose.

    I joined this forum to learn more about my craft, and more about the instruments. My Gear is mediocre, I'd like to learn how to really set them up. My MTD has been to 2 luthiers in town, and its still not right. I got high action at 12 and low at 1. That annoys me when I am in a music shop playing a 20 yo P bass with perfect action and a tree trunk neck. Still looking for a worn P bass bargain. Awe man, I could go on.
    and on
    and on

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