New Guys here and Yes "Basso" is my real Name :)

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    May 13, 2019
    Hi TalkBass Colleagues,

    I'm Florian Basso, I'm French and I'm new here.
    I have 7 basses and I just got yesterday a bass kit to create my own bass. I think this will be a great adventure too. :)

    Since a few days, I'm starting a new challenge and I do a bass cover every day on my Youtube (Florian Basso) and I post photos of my basses on my Instagram too.

    The goal is to play as many songs as possible, to improve my skills and to share my passion with others.

    I also play with a band named "Solstice Frequencies" (Solstice Frequencies).

    If you have any feedbacks on my videos or band, let me know.
    May The Bass Be With You.
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  2. Welcome and look forward to more videos and comments.
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