New Member, Bassist From SoCal

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  1. Jefro


    Sep 21, 2022
    Hi all.
    I play bass, live in SoCal, and hope to add to the knowledge here since I recently upgraded my Yamaha TRBX174 with a SD Hot Jazz Stack Pickup.
    The original J pickup sounded very good, but was noisy in the studio and on stage.
    I will write up my review in The Pickups And Electronics section of the General Forum here.
    My first Bass, a Dan Armstrong clear acrylic was stolen off stage, so I picked up a 1972 P Bass that I used for a very long time.
    My current bass is my favorite, a Yamaha TRBX 304 with dual Music Man style humbuckers with 5 way EQ switch.
    Very versatile with great tone.

    20211103_162905 (Medium).jpg 20220901_080954 (Medium).jpg