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  1. Hey guys! My band just released our new 7 inch record, check it out on bandcamp if you like, and tell me what you think. The vinyl arrives in a couple weeks, but the digital copy is free.

    We recorded it at a Studio here in Hamilton, Ontario called Catherine North Studios and we had Michael Chambers produce it, he has done some great records by other indie bands. (Whitehorse, Illscarlett, The Rest and The Coppertone)
    Thanks for checkin it out!
  2. Would love to get feedback from people!
    please listen and download.... its free
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  4. jef4490


    Jun 30, 2012
    I dig it!
  5. dwjazz54


    Jan 21, 2003
    Jersey City, NJ
    ...I think it's clearly really good and well put-together! The playing (by all) is really solid, the song structure itself is a little "pop" but has enough variation in it to keep it interesting, and the mix is spot-on.

    Good work!
  6. thanks dwjazz54, yeah we definitely push the POP side of the pop/rock genre but we try and keep it interesting. The tracks were recorded live off the floor and the mixing was done by a local producer Moon:and:6, I think he really nailed it
  7. Really solid playing (as aforementioned).
    Yeah, the sound is great.

    Although it's not my cup of tea stylistically, you're doing it good.
    Keep it up!
  8. gdecamp


    Sep 25, 2011
    Long Island, NY
    Very nicely done!
  9. Brutal honesty here...

    First of all, it is great. Well polished and well produced.

    Professional all the way for sure.

    That being said; I hear counting crows mixed with the Dave Matthews band.

    Both big names, so that is pretty good company.

    Also, it is so perfect that it lacks a bit of soul and grit for my taste.

    Rough that up a bit and I would hit the ♥ button.

    (me? I'm just a hobbyist, so take this all with a large grain of sea salt!)

    Good luck in that wild world of Professional music!

  10. thanks everybody, for your critiques and comments, your support and honest feedback means a lot!