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  1. So i was out last night looking for a new bass and had a few in mind that i was going to try out, G&L, Fender Jazz, etc...and as i was working through them i started to realize that the sounds i was getting really didnt turn me on the way i had hoped. I really wanted a J/J configured bass or something similar but wasnt finding anything that did it for me, i even played a few Corvette Standard passives and didnt like them,

    then i ended up playing this:

    I love it, i dont know what it is but i neve did like warwick necks, i thought they were too chunky, but everything about this bass fit perfectly...when i get back to my rig and everything i'll do a full review on it
  2. Specs:
    MEC Active J/J and MEC active 2 way preamp (might replace with Bartolini MK-1, not sure yet)
    Wenge Fretboard
    Bubinga Body
    Ovangkol Neck
    Chrome Hardware
    2 Piece Warwick Bridge
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    She's a beauty. Take care of her and she'll take care of you (in a totally non-sexual way of course :) ) Warwick's are great man. I've been playing Warwick's for about 8 years. I have a Corevette Standard and Thumb B.O. both 5 string model's and love em. Those are the only basses I have and use. Hope you enjoy it. Oh yeah, I would highly recommend using strap locks if you weren't going to. And, did yours come with a gig bag or hardshell case? Both of mine came with gig bags. Is it just me or is that kind of shady? You spend over $1k on a brand new bass and it comes with a gig bag. If i'm investing over a thousand dollars I think I deserve a case, not some stupid ass gig bag. Just my opinion.
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    Very nice. I thought at first that Warwick necks are chunky too but it really makes sense because it filled/supported your hand better.
  6. it came with the gig bag (and all the other goodies, straplocks, beeswax, truss rod tool, allen keys) but IMO Rockbags are amazing, i've had one for my guitar that i bought about 8 years ago at Mars Music (when they were around) and never had a problem with it.

    Im gonna get one of these though, so i can throw it in the trailer when we go on the road: