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  1. I had bought the VOX AmPlug Bass amp a couple years ago, and I returned it the next day it was so bad (in my opinion).

    When I saw they were releasing a set of headphones that you plug directly into your bass and play with, I was super interested. Especially considering I wanted the Waza-Air headphones but refuse to spend $400 on them.

    I got on the preorder list at Sweetwater and had them overnighted, came in today.

    Played with them for a couple hours and I got to tell you, I'm impressed! I'm really picky about my sound, and these delivered for me! Actually sounds a lot like my PF-50-T in headphone form, which pleases me so much.

    I can't speak for longevity because they are new obviously, or if your ears find them wonderful or not. I've got 2 small kids though, and I can't really play like I want in the house when they are asleep at night, when I have the most time to play. This will alleviate all of that worry. There's an aux port too if you want to play with a backing track.

    What I am saying is there's more awesome options out there (basically the Waza-Air as stated earlier) but for $100, if you have been wondering if they are any good - the short answer is yes.

    Hope this helps someone if they are on the fence!

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