Request No Holds Barred by Bob Grange

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  1. This is a real bass challenge! There doesn't seem to be any bass tabs or music for this great bass line, and I am thinking of including the song in our set. Various other musicians have differing opinions as to the root note ( F or E) as well as the rest of the song, and no one can agree on how to play this great bass song. Ted plays a lot in A, but this doesn't sound right.
    I have attached the song for those who want to take up this challenge and help me out also.
    Your help and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. This sounds like Eb minor pentatonic to my ears. They alternate back and forth between regular time and (sort of) double time.
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  3. I'm struggling with how this song would be notated. I hear all it in 4/4, with the tempo switching back and forth between about 75 bpm and 150 bpm. In other words, original tempo and double time. Is it easier to just add text that says "Double Time - Qtr=150 bpm' and then add text that says "Original Tempo"? Switching to 2/4 seems difficult to read. Does cut time work? As I understand cut time, the beat says the same, but beat is every half note rather than every quarter. Part of what's confusing me is that I associate the backbeat with beats 2 and 4.
  4. I think you are close to the mark. I agree with you re the backbeat and the tempo switching. It's frustrating that such a great bassline will possibly be forgotten in time ( as it was done in 1974 ) without the music ever being put out there in print for all of us to enjoy. It's doing my head in here in Australia and I don't want to to do it the injustice of getting it wrong. Will keep trying this end. Thanks for your help to date and if you do come up with anything, please let me know.
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    Here you go...

    As Lee suggests, this is the likely easiest way to do it in terms of tempo markings. (The guitar tab for Metallic's "Enter Sandman" does it this way, too.)

    The band is down-tuned to Eb.


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  6. Hi Stevie

    It may be me, but the chorus seems mighty quick. Is there really that many notes (about 17)before the 9th fret on g string "I know it's a brand new day"?. He must be flying. Just an idea but due to the speed changes through the song, it may be an idea to have the words typed above the sections, which would make it a lot easier to follow and the speed needed to follow.
    Great transposition though.
    Your thoughts?