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  1. gbgoul


    Dec 29, 2010
    Played at a festival. Set up amp. First 30 seconds sound hesitated. ..then no sound. I checked the fuse. I checked for power. How you been check that my cords were good. no sound. Luckily it was another band present and the bass player let me use his setup. Festival was 20 minutes from my house . My son and my wife brought me my second amp and speaker I set it up. Had power still no sound. My guitar chords were good. I was baffled. Power source was a generator. I had my own 50 foot extension cord plugged into into the generator. Any ideas? I'm wondering if there wasn't enough power coming from the generator.
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    Feb 18, 2004
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    Which amps? What was the one that worked?
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    Anyone else have power problems?
  4. Were you using an active bass that possibly had a dead 9 volt battery in it?
  5. ^ This and some amps will go into a safe mode if the power is wonky. I have an old solid state amp I can use in these situations.